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  • Subdural Hematoma Research Paper

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    Subdural Hematoma Evacuation Subdural hematoma evacuation is a procedure used to treat a collection of blood (blood clot) between your brain and its tough outer covering (dura). The blood clot is caused by bleeding (hemorrhage) from a torn vein. Subdural hematoma evacuation is sometimes done for bleeding that develops slowly, over weeks or months (chronic subdural hematoma). The procedure may be needed if the bleeding becomes dangerous or presses on the brain. It is also sometimes done as an emergency

  • , Demographics And Characteristics Of Patient Demographics

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    APOE ϵ4 allele was expressed in 18 patients (20%) and the remaining 72 patients (80%) were negative for this allele. Initial CT brain Findings: Normal CT brain, small hematoma with no mid line shift and diffuse axonal injury were seen in APOE ϵ4 positive and negative patients with no significant difference. However, a large hematoma with midline shift was seen in 50% (n=9) of gene positive patients and 25% (n=18) of gene

  • Hematoma Research Paper

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    are complications of parathyroid surgery. The development of an expanding hematoma in the pretracheal space has the highest mortality in postoperative patients if left untreated as it compresses the airway. This complication must be recognized and treated immediately by opening the wound and evacuating the hematoma. If untreated, the hematoma may progress rapidly, causing airway obstruction. In contrast, most small hematomas do not require treatment[1]. Choice “B” is not the best answer. After a

  • What Is Subdural Hematoma?

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    A Hematoma which may be caused by a mild head trauma, if an older adult. You are likely to have a serious head injury even if there is no open wound, bruise or other outward sign of damage. A Hematoma may occur as a subdural, epidural, and intracerebral Hematoma. Subdural Hematoma occurs when blood vessels, usually veins, rupture between the brain and outermost of the three membrane layers that protect your brain. The leaking blood forms a Hematoma. If the Hematoma keep enlarging, it will result

  • Dementia Case Interview Paper

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    prevalent is the fact that she has a rapidly progressing dementia. Note that she has a rapidly progressing dementia as well as a B12 deficiency. They describe a subdural hematoma in the CT scan reports. The one on 01/03 shows a lot of microvascular changes, a lot of cortical atrophy, and apparently, she had bilateral subdural hematomas that had converted to hygromas, but apparently the larger one on the left side still had some blood in it. When they repeated the CT scan of the head on 01/19, they

  • Submundural Hematoma Research Paper

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    PATHOPHYSIOLOGY OF EXTRADURAL HEMATOMA VS SUBDURAL HEMATOMA: Subdural hematoma is a situation in which brain blood vessels and outermost membrane rupture. Blood leaks because of this, which causes compression of brain tissues. Chronic subdural hematoma may follow mild traumatic brain injury. Any minor or major injury to the brain can have shattering consequences for the patient. The Subdural hematoma may be caused by head injury or by a procedure like a lumbar puncture. This can be identified by

  • Epidemiology : Symptoms And Treatment Of Patients With Severe Head Injuries

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    Epidemiology According to Emedicine, acute subdural hematomas have been reported to occur in 5-25% of patients with severe head injuries, depending on the study. Subdural hematomas are more common in men than in women, with a male-to-female ratio of approximately 3:1. Two age groups are most at risk of developing chronic subdural hematoma: the young and the elderly. Advanced age and chronic alcoholism are common antecedents, presumably because of brain atrophy, which causes stretching of bridging

  • Personal Narrative: It's Time To Take A Car

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    When I started going to high school my mom was the one in charge of picking me up. I told her many times that I could just take the bus home, but she continued to be the first face I saw after school in her car because she liked the alone time we got on the way home. I live exactly thirty-four minutes away from school if I take a car, which seems like a lot of time, but when in my way home with my mom I pray for traffic so I can spend more time with her. In those thirty-four minutes, we laugh so

  • Language Is A Key Tool That Connects Individuals Of Diverse Geographical Differences

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    Language is a crucial tool that connects individuals of diverse geographical differences, enables understanding of one’s culture and belief, and facilitates comprehension of one’s own needs especially with regards to healthcare. So how does one adopt to a country not her own and a language she less likely speak her entirely life, with pronunciation of words she couldn’t even utter correctly or couldn’t speak it at all? Let’s take a peak of the different scenarios, experiences and perspective of people

  • Concussions Are Minor Traumatic Brain Injuries Caused By Bumping The Head

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    Patho: Concussions are minor traumatic brain injuries caused by bumping the head. The action taking place that causes a concussion is when the brain bounces around in the skull causing minor to major bruising. This causes chemical changes in the brain and leaves the damaged areas in the brain vulnerable to permanent damage if injured again. Symptoms involve “impairments of memory and attention, headache, and alteration of mental status, are the result of neuronal dysfunction mostly caused by