Hendrick van Balen

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    This essay focuses on Anthony Van Dyck and his influence during the baroque period, his portrayal of people through portraiture and the work that focuses on depicting religious and mythological paintings such as Daedalus and Icarus, around 1620. As well as exploring his life and influence through portraiture. The artist, Anthony Van Dyck known most notably for his impact within the baroque period, around 1621-72. Was known for his portrayal in religious works as well as his

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    both literature and art. The painting "Argos Recognizes Odysseus”, by Theodoor Van Thulden uses Argos to show that a strong bond can never be broken throughout the course of time, while in the poem “Argus”, by Alexander Pope uses the scene to show that same connection is occurring, in contempt of Odysseus being disguised as a beggar, Argos still recognizes him. In the painting Argos Recognizes Odysseus by Theodoor Van Thulden it is shown that Argos, the dog, sees Odysseus that is disguised, but Argos

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    Balen The Sandman

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    the God Apollo; with skirts swirling and a hop in each muses step it is clear to see that this is a joyous and carefree representation of them. However, paintings of the muses were not always concerned with amusement. Another painting done by Hendrick van Balen the Elder shows the nine muses with the Olympian Athena, goddess of wisdom and just war. In this portrayal of the nine, they are seen with the musical instruments they have created.

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