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  • Technology

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    5 crazy technologies that could be available by 2025 (-- removed HTML --) Over the past couple of decades technology has grown in leaps and bounds. We’ve gone from clunky computers and dial-up internet to a computer the size of a phone and 3G internet. We’ve made incredible medical advances, and we’re finally also starting to use our technology to better help our planet, but there’s still so much to create, discover, and learn about. Here are some crazy technologies that could be available by

  • Hawaii's High Cost Of Living

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    Over the last four weeks, we have learned about Hawaii’s Economic Outlook. We look a look at the growths and decline of Hawaii’s economy through looking at the Hawaii’s GDP and comparing it the whole nations GDP. The next week we learned about Hawaii’s expansion and contraction. During this week, we focused on different factors that caused Hawaii’s economic ups and downs thought Hawaii’s history. The third week we, learned about Hawaii’s economical structure, which focused on diversification

  • Inequality And The Digital Age Essay

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    Inequality In The Digital Age Information accessibility has never been more prominent in our society than it has become today. A requirement of being knowledge-intensive in many areas of our society has become prevalent. This is made possible powerful resource and tool known as the Internet. However as accessible the information is, the medium and access to the Internet itself, is not attuned to the information it offers. Digital divide is the term used to describe who has access to digital technologies

  • Chromebook Advantages And Disadvantages

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    vertebrae of the spine, which causes wear and tear on the spine and could result in mass amounts of pain or required surgery. Also to be noted, it takes 79 gallons of water, 33 pounds of miscellaneous minerals, and 100 kilowatt hours of energy, while printing a textbook requires about 2 kilowatt hours of energy and two thirds of a pound of materials. While we're on the subject, let's talk about costs. While textbooks may seem expensive, they require very little for upkeep, not to mention things like networking