Henri Rousseau

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  • Analysis Of Oil Painting : Tiger In A Tropical Storm

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    was well known as Henri Rousseau, whom created all his pieces in Paris, France. Surprised! was the first of the jungle themed paintings, and this is relevant to all of Rousseau’s pieces because many of his paintings took place in the jungle (“Henri Rousseau Paintings, Biography, Quotes”). Surprised! features objects and details that will carry through to his later works (“Henri Rousseau Paintings”). As mentioned before, Henri Rousseau painted many jungle themed pieces. Rousseau worked to portray

  • Henri Rousseau Life And Accomplishments

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    Henri Rousseau, was born in France in May 21, 1844 to a hard working family, he worked with his family forcefully even though he was still a young child. As he got older he attended a High school, close to his home even though he wasn’t as good, in other materials he was recognize and even achieve some prizes for his wonderful skills in music and drawing. After finishing his high school years he worked and attended college where he studied law. From 007AcThere in 1863 he left and served for an

  • An Exotic Forest By Henri Rousseau

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    Woman Walking in an Exotic Forest (1905), created by French artist, Henri Rousseau, is a painting that depicts a woman positioned in the center foreground of the piece, fashioned in lightly coloured attire of the early 20th century. A vibrant forest surrounds the woman to make up the middle and background of the painting, and consists of tall blue flowers, grasses, and trees that carry large orange fruit. Through this specific content, and the stylistic elements of the piece, the painting comes to

  • The Effel Tower And The Eiffel Tower By Henri Rousseau

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    Henri Rousseau, born in May 21, 1844, was a self-taught artist who started his artistic career when he was forty. He began his life working as a clerk, then he joined the French army after being accused of stealing money from his employer. He later moved to Paris and obtained a job working for the French Customs Office, and it was there that he began painting part-time. It was really this background of his that allowed his paintings to be original and uninfluenced by traditional painting techniques

  • Woman Walking In An Exotic Forest By Henri Rousseau

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    Woman Walking in an Exotic Forest by Henri Rousseau depicts a woman dressed in 19th century clothing centralized in a jungle scene. The piece has much to be interpreted, but I personally believe that it reflects Rousseau serving the French military during his time, coupled with a demonstration of the modernist movement. Specifically, attempting to create a sense of liveliness and a prominent move away from ancient and classical subjects at the same time. When looking back at Rousseau’s personal life

  • Edvard Munch, Paul Cezanne, And Henri Rousseau

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    Surrealism began to also do an art called Cubism, which had been suppressed for many years before. Cubism led to his creation of what we know today as the collage. 2. List three artists that influenced their style Edvard Munch, Paul Cezanne, and Henri Rousseau.

  • Henri Rousseau, The Dream, Oil On Canvas, Post Impressionism

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    21. 1910, Henri Rousseau,The Dream, French, Oil on canvas, Post Impressionism. TXT- It features portrait of a naked woman on some sort of couch in the middle of a jungle surrounded by exotic animals. In this painting, the woman is being carefully watched by the alluring animals behind the trees, but doesn’t seem to be alarmed by them, instead she is welcoming them. CLS- It seems that the environment is peaceful because the lady is relaxing by the trees giving a sense of freedom without a care in

  • Herc Rousseau Self Portrait Sketch

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    created by Henri Rousseau himself. In this painting, the artist (Henri Rousseau) first painted his favorite city in the background. In the painting, you can see the Eiffel Tower, the iron bridge crossing the Seine, and the ship along the river with different countries flags which are showing the Henri Rousseau favorite part of the city- Paris, France. In the foreground, the portrait is holding the paintbrush and the mixing palette representing Henri Rousseau himself. As Henri Rousseau is recognized

  • Essay On Sonia Delaunay

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    “I love creation more than life, and I must express myself before disappearing.” Sonia Delaunay certainly lived up to her own expectation, creating an immense impact on the artistic world as an avant-garde member of the Modernist movement. From a young age, she displayed talent in the painting medium, eventually shifting her focus to fashion. While her creations were sometimes not considered art, Sonia Delaunay proved the world otherwise through her unusual yet beautiful work. Eventually, she became

  • Art 101 Final Project Timeline Essay

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    Trechelle Monroe Final Project: Art Timeline Sculptures from the 18th-20th Century February 23, 2012 Fig 1 1905 Mediterrane Aristide Maillo, French Sculpture Musee d’Orsay, Paris This sculpture falls in the modern art category and the style is abstract expressionism. This sculpture is very large it is actually 110cm. The artist that created this sculpture was one of the many fine French Sculptors, he was one of the younger generation who started out as a Symbolist painter as well as