Henry Stafford, 2nd Duke of Buckingham

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  • Richard III a Tyrant as King Essay

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    Richard III a Tyrant as King Throughout history, this very title has been disputed and the outcome has remained debatable to this very day. Richard, Duke of York had remained loyal to his brother, Edward IV throughout his years of reign, and had been well rewarded for his support, he became the Duke of Gloucester. In marrying Anne Neville, daughter of Earl of Warwick, he had inherited mass amounts of Neville land in the north of England after both the Earl and Anne

  • The Purpose of Thornbury Castle Essay

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    reached by wooden staircases, were living quarters for the hired army its hard to say how many men Buckingham would have had it might have been hundreds or possibly a thousand, with which Buckingham intended to assert his independence and viewed of fortifying himself against the king. Under Henry the VIII no-one was meant to own their own army but why was Edward Stafford building room for so many people? Then in the outer court there is a wide open space which may have been

  • Richard III Disappearance

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    The fate of the Princes in the Tower has baffled historians and laymen alike for over half a millennium. Despite centuries of investigations, this deeply shrouded mystery continues to produce more questions than answers. Was the young boy king and his brother murdered on the orders of their nefarious uncle, Richard III? Or were the members of the rival house- the Lancasters- responsible for this heinous crime? In my paper, I will examine the facts and events leading up to the boys’ supposed disappearance

  • Rhetorical Analysis Of Richard IIi 's ' Black Legend '

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    There is a clear pattern throughout history of propaganda, myths and contemporary sources clouding the true reality of events. Richard III is seen to be one of England 's most disputed kings; a monarch who brings with him a legend of negative connotations. There are seen to be many arguments as to whether or not the mischievous king was subject to be condemned by his 'black legend ' or fits the description issued by keen Richard III adversaries. These sceptics see Richard depicted under the 'black