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  • Hero Essay : What Makes A True Hero Today?

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    A hero is not defined by what he does, but how he acts after the fact. While many people act like heroes every day, that isn’t what defines a true hero. Staying humble and kind is how you define a true hero. Not someone that wants recognition or something special for doing something to be called a hero. We need heroes in today’s world, it’s unfortunate however, we need heroes because of all the terrorist attacks, natural disasters and just to simply help an old woman across the street with grocery

  • Reflection Paper

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    I chose assessment #10: Authenticity Scale (Biswas-Diener, 2010, p. 122) for my assessment. Between this current quarter and the last, I pushed myself beyond limits on another section of the Appalachian Trail. On the morning of day number 3 out of 6, I snapped a selfie of myself as I crested a ridge line on a bald (treeless ridge line with unlimited views). The photo was unique and looked manipulated with a filter due to the glare from the sunrise burning through thin patches of fog spilling over

  • Gender Inequality In The Media

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    Anderson Cooper. Don Lemon. Jake Tapper. Matt Lauer. These faces flash across our television screens, constantly crop up in our daily conversations, and dominate the news and media. But wait, there’s something missing from the list of names above- a group constituting nearly 51% of our population- women(“Women's Health USA 2012.”). Scarce are mentions of successful female journalists. Scarce are women confidently voicing their political opinions on reputable news channels. Scarce are truly powerful

  • Positives And Negatives Of Consumerism

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    occasional goods and/or services for entertainment or pleasure (Millburn and Nicodemus). The idea of the healthy medium has long been since argued from even before the 1980’s, when people considered the idea of “Whoever dies with the most toys wins,” to today where many are starting to think that we must “Make due with less” (Kennedy), but is either side fully

  • The Censorship Of Singapore ( Mda )

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    The practise of censorship - the restriction of ideas, action or image through the control of the media or any other medium of expression. Censorship should be practised sensibly so that it will not restrict the development and expression of new ideas while ensuring that social and political harmony is assured. Censorship plays a vital role in maintaining the morals of its society and creating an economically dynamic, socially cohesive and culturally vibrant nation. (N.A, N.D) The press exert a significant

  • Women as News Anchors Essay

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    Women As News Anchors Women in all careers are striving to gain equality in the work force today, and female television news anchors are definitely part of the fight. The road to television news anchoring is a rocky one, where only a few women survive and many fail. Where progress was once thought to have been made, there aren't many females getting ahead in the world of television news. Today, there is a very slow, if any, gain in the numbers of women who succeed. There are many questions

  • The Pros And Cons Of Sexual Harassment

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    Sexual harassment accusations regarding public figures has been one of the most popular news we see on social media these days. “Sexual harassment becomes a crime only when there is a nonconsensual touching or sexual contact that can be prosecuted.” (Henning, 2017). Some of the accused individuals are admitting their guilt in some of these situations, while many are denying these allegations, particularly those that occurred decades ago. In many of the instances, money and other valuable considerations

  • Biography of Barbara Walters

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    | | | Television journalist. Born September 25, 1931, in Boston, Massachusetts. She was the daughter of nightclub impresario Lou Walters (owner of New York 's swanky Latin Quarter) and his wife, Dena. In 1937, Lou Walters expanded his business, which caused his family to adopt an itinerant lifestyle, moving from Boston to New York to Miami Beach. Walters attended the all-female Sarah Lawrence College in Bronxville

  • Case Study Of Matt Lauer

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    NEWPORT BEACH- Viewers missing Matt Lauer on the Today Show. With 4.7 million people waking up to Matt Lauer’s face on the sunny Today Show there has been breadcrumbs about his previous sexual encounters. For some time, America's love affair with the young, handsome news reporter seemed as if he could do no wrong because we loved who he was. High-profile men like Matt Lauer must be shocked with women coming out and having any strength. Starting at the beginning of his journey at NBC news

  • Health Reporting Has Significant Public Health Implications

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    coffee shop, and the only national paper available was USA Today. USA Today does not have a designated health section; however, on the bottom right of page 3A of the September 1, 2016, edition, the first health article was featured, written by Liz Szabo. Liz Szabo has been a medical reporter since 2004 and has reported on cancer, heart disease, pediatrics, women 's health, public health and infectious disease, including AIDS (USA Today, 2016). She has received awards for her work in health reporting