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  • The On The Supreme Highness

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    Your Supreme Highness, First of all, let me, a plebeian, wholeheartedly congratulate your Highness on conquering the Six Warring States and unite the entire world. Your achievements can be claimed as surpassing all rulers before and since. No one, even the legendary “Three Sovereigns and Five Emperors”, can have comparable achievements of your Highness. It must be a Mandate of Heaven, letting your Highness bring the entire world away for the chaotic constant warfares and to a prosperous and

  • Macbeth's Diary

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    Ross quickly rises and asks that we do the same, for His Highness is not well. Lady Macbeth quickly dashes across the table towards Macbeth, while hastily reassuring us that it is common for Macbeth to be like this, and that we must not pay much attention to avoid offending him. I feel flushed with the adrenaline

  • Analysis Of The Book ' Bahadur Singh '

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    Darbar. “Well, Shyam,” he said authoritatively, “What is going on?” “We caught this eunuch here in the garden. When he saw us he tried to run away and fought like a man.” “What were you doing in the garden?” he asked the soldiers harshly. “Her Highness, the Rani Sahiba ordered us to search for anyone who appeared suspicious,” Shyam explained. “She ordered us to arrest him and bring him to her.” Chandni knew the Rani had been serious about finding out whom she had met. She was certain that she

  • Alice Calla Quotes

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    “Yes, that would be because she put ‘tears’--” Margaret makes exaggerated air-quotes, “--in her cake. Saltwater.” Calla beams. “So my cake is better?” Scott pinches his forefinger and thumb together. “By about that much.” “What do you think, Your Highness?” Alice

  • The Story Of Sir Carnell

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    Sir Carnell, his highness needs you,” said the knight. Aurelia heaved a sigh. Sir Carnell nodded and all three of them left the stables. The knight took Sir Carnell’s post while Sir Carnell headed for the keep. Aurelia followed him across the bridge. They went into the keep then into the hall. Sir Carnell went to the dais where the King and Queen sat. Aurelia took a seat at the small table that was set up below. Sir Carnell looked up at his king. “Yes, your highness?” Respectful? Aurelia

  • Royal Court Research Paper

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    find their section. After being thoroughly checked by the Winter Watch, Denizens were allowed inside. Speculations about promotions were murmured as everyone waited in expectation of Her Majesty, Queen Vivienne, His Excellency, Lord Boreas and His Highness, Prince Bertram. Eventually, the Royal Heralds filed inward behind the Royal Speaker, Mistress

  • Leominster: A Short Story

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    Some years ago in a land unlike ours, there was a school called the Leominster School for Young Lords and Ladies. Now, this school was very similar to the ones of our own world, yet it’s main difference lied in its students. Leominster was a school for the young nobility of all types of species. All sorts of nobles attended the school- witches and warlocks, vampires and demons, humans and faeries- these students with similar rankings were only separated by the species they were born into. And said

  • The Tiger

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    What came out of the door on the right? Is it the Tiger, or is it the Lady? Frank R. Stockton, author of “The Tiger or The Lady” left this unclear, stating that the story could go either way while giving us background information to the princess’s mind before her lover’s potential execution. Did the princess give him the pleasure of moving on, or did she send him to his death? The possibilities of the Tiger being the outcome of the door on the right outweigh the maiden because the princess is jealous

  • How To Write A Short Story Of The Rise And Fall Of Armenian

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    the palace opened before them. The gates of the palace was less impressive than the fort around the city and it was guarded by a pair of dragon rather than lion. "All the best dancers are performing and the best wines will be served. His Imperial Highness wishes to extend to you the warmest welcomes after your long journey." “I will be sure to thank His Grace,” said

  • Merlin

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    open the envelope. Shiny confetti fell out, silver snowflakes, evergreen trees, candy canes, and golden stars. Merlin pulled out a delicate piece of parchment. Inside a border of holly leaves and red berries, ornate writing proclaimed: "Her Royal Highness, the Princess Morgana Pendragon, cordially invites you to the annual Camelot Palace Youth Christmas Party. This year's party will be held Saturday, December 17, at 6:00 pm in the West Parlour. Formal dress required. Please RSVP to the palace steward