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  • Hippopotamus Research Paper

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    Do you know about the folk tale about the hippopotamus. Well it starts off like this, a God creates a hippo and tells it to cut the grass for all of the other animals. But then the hippo soon figured out how hot the sun was. So he then asked the God if it would be possible for the hippo to cut the grass at night and stay away from the sun while it was daytime. He also asked to stay in the water in the daytime, so he could stay cool. The God said yes but he was scared because he thought that the

  • Linda Mcquaig's Shooting the Hippo: Causes and Results of Debt

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    Linda McQuaig's Shooting The Hippo: Causes and Results of Debt Linda McQuaig's most recent book, "Shooting the Hippo" is about the causes and results of the debt. It is a look at both the factual causes and the arguments which are merely presented to us through the various elements of the media. McQuaig delivers an insightful overview of the extensive media coverage which has bombarded us over the past few years. "With the excitement of a mystery writer, McQuaig tells the real story behind the

  • Hippo Alternate Ending

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    The sun beat down on my gray, hippopotamus back as I waded into hippo river. Long grass swayed across the savannah. As water lapped against my dark skin, I heard a shout, “Oliver, over here!” It was Owen, my best friend. I ran over to him gratefully. “Want to play?” He asked me as I ran up to him. “Alright!” I exclaimed, immediately I threw myself onto Owen, pinning him down. “Ha!” I shouted in triumph. “Not today!” He shouted back, thrusting himself up. He lunged towards me, but I was too quick

  • Should Animals Be In Zoos?

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    Should Animals Be in Zoos? Zoochosis is the psychological problem associated with animals that are kept in confined places. Animals that are kept in zoos show signs of extreme depression and never get the chance to live their way of life. For many people around the world, zoos represent an opportunity to experience animals that most have never seen before, but sadly the experience for animals is terrible because they suffer physically and emotionally which takes away their chance at a fair life

  • Numbskull And The Rabbit, And Mice That Set The Elephants Free

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    The Panchatantra is a book full of tales and fables, each with a different moral. I compared two tales one ‘Numbskull and The Rabbit’ and two ‘Mice That Set The Elephants Free’. The first story is about Numbskull the lion and the other animals he rules over. Numbskull didn’t think about the effect it would have on him and the others so he just killed as many animals as he could, sometimes not even eating all of them and leaving them to rot, and waste. He killed for sport instead of for need.

  • Elephant Essay : The Dream Of The Elephant Dream

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    Elephant DreamLand The world is gone all people have been wiped the animals not to be seen.In the darkness arrives , but being only one mammal left.In Awe it is the ELEPHANT.The ground rumbles and crashes the loudness of them Elephants.The mighty majestic of these beasts grazing in the sunlight of the morning so beautiful makes you want to cry with joy. They all huddle at the waterspout at the afternoon when the sun shines bright.The little baby’s frolicking everywhere causing great distress.All

  • Religious Views Of The Hippopotamus

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    ENG 380a Prof. Vladimir Levchev Arman Boyajyan The Hippopotamus: T.S.Eliot’s Religious Views Eliot’s poem The Hippopotamus is concentrated on the differences and similarities between the hippopotamus and a church. He chose this animal to make the comparison because he founds that the animal has a lot of similarities with the church. He wants to make clear the characteristics of the hippopotamus. The characteristics are not that every other animal has. It is the best to learn those characteristics

  • The Little that Is Known about Hippo's Ecology and Behavior

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    Evidenced by the pygmy hippopotamus’ limited distribution across western Africa, not much is known about the hippo’s ecology and behaviors. The hippo is semi-aquatic, preferring freshwater river and swamp habitats next to dense forests (8). In order to counteract the daytime heat, much of their time is spent in water, otherwise their thin skin would dehydrate. They can usually be found in various burrows or hollows at the edge of a river, areas specifically designed for the purpose of sleeping (1)

  • Zoos On Animals And Zoos

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    Zoos have provided shelter for endangered animals ' for hundreds of years. Zoos have supported and aided the twenty-one percent of mammals, twelve percent of the bird species, and thirty-one percent of all amphibian to adapt to a new habitat, stated the website The Amphibian Extinction Crisis. A golden hawk was rescued, it was shot down and its shoulder got dislocated on the fall down; without the care of a zoo the hawk would have died. There is a lot of controversy on whether zoos help or if they

  • The Digestive System Of A Hippopotamus

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    The digestive system of a hippopotamus is similar to other hooved animals. Their mouth and lips can be about 2 feet wide at its lip. Their lips are about 70 cm long and that helps the hippos clip the grass and other food sources they get from the floor and grind their food up into a pulp and it helps them swallow their food much easier. Since plant matter for most ruminants is harder to eat and digest, ruminants have to regurgitate these leaves and grasses again. Hippos don’t ruminate but enjoy