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  • `` Fullmetal Alchemist `` By Hiromu Arakawa

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    “Fullmetal Alchemist” by Hiromu Arakawa is a book that perfectly reflects on human behaviour, and though does contain fictional content, makes many references to real world struggles and issues. It deals with small, more intimate issues like doubt of your loved ones, but also reflects on international issues like racism. It is a story that teaches us to not be too quick to react. It teaches us that we should not yearn for the past, and aim for a future where we will not have anything to yearn for

  • Fullmetal Alchemist Essay

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    Written by Arakawa Hiromu and published on July 21, 2001, the manga Fullmetal Alchemist surrounds two brothers who take interest in the practice of alchemy. Following their father’s studies and path after he leaves them with their mother--who later on passes away--the two brothers, Edward Elric(older) and Alphonse Elric(younger) make a grave mistake after attempting to revive their dead mother using alchemy. The forbidden Human Transmutation spell. However, the spell doesn’t go as expected; Edward’s

  • Interpersonal Sharing In America

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    This interpersonal sharing lead to anime clubs appearing all over America, particularly on college campuses, (Animation, 1991). These clubs laid out the foundation for anime to once again take root in American culture, and with shows like Pokémon and Cowboy Bebop anime solidified its position as a permanent piece of American culture, (Ladd & Deneroff, 2009). In time, television networks picked back up in showing anime, albeit not during their normal children’s showtime, with segments such as Toonami

  • Comics: Chapter 2: Influence Of Comics

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    Chapter 2 Influence of Comics Today people live in an increasingly visual world, where we are engaged not only by texts but also by images. We are influenced by internet, magazines, advertisement, games, picture books, film, anime, comic books and so many more. Those media are using images to communicate, entertain and gain profit. It has shown an increasing usage proportion of visual or graphic representation and less text. We are now living in images dominated world. Berger (1972: 10) explained