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  • A Short Note On The Mission Of Scooter Indi

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    Vision аnd Mission of Scooter indiа Mission To fulfill customer 's needs for economic аnd sаfe mode of roаd trаnsport аnd quаlity engineering products through contemporаry technologies. Vision To grow into аn environment friendly аnd globаlly competitive compаny constаntly striving to meet the chаnging needs of customer through constаntly improving existing products, аdding new products аnd expаnding customer bаse. Objective Providing economicаl аnd sаfe meаns of trаnsportаtion with contemporаry

  • Design & Manufacturing Of Compound Tool For Washer

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    “DESIGN & MANUFACTURING OF COMPOUND TOOL FOR WASHER” ABHIJIT TAGADE1, NILESH NIRWAN2, MANISH MISHRA3 1. M.Tech Student, Wainganga college of engineering, Nagpur (India) 2. Facutly, Wainganga college of engineering, Nagpur (India) 3. Sr. Engineer, Indo German Tool Room, Nagpur (India) Abstract- The design & fabrication are the most important elements in translating the idea to a product. Before converting raw material to a finished product we need an accurate design of the product & also tool for

  • The Differences And Disadvantages Of Helical Gears

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    5.7.2 Disadvantages of Helical Gears An apparent disadvantage of the helical gears is a resultant thrust along the axis of the apparatus, which needs to be accommodated by correct thrust bearings, and a greater degree of sliding friction between the meshing tooth, most of the time addressed with additives in the lubricant. Consequently we can say that helical gears purpose losses as a result of the unique geometry alongside the axis of the helical gear’s shaft. Efficiency of helical gear is less

  • Pneumonia a Case Study

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    didn’t receive any medications or even consulted a physician. One day prior to admission, he suffered difficulty of breathing which triggered his parents to bring him to the hospital. They went first in the OPD and he was assessed with (+) head hobbing, (+) nasal flaring, and (+) rales. He was admitted at the PICU ward for further evaluation. Through the diagnosis of the attending physician, it was found that he has bronchopneumonia, severe. III. PAST HISTORY The patient completed her immunization

  • Components Of The Worm Drive Gearbox

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    2.0 Component Analysis The worm drive gearbox is comprised of a worm screw running off the input shaft and engaging the worm wheel perpendicularly1. Bonfiglioli states in their quality standards that they are committed to supplying effective products and go on to say they will never compromise on safety, compliance or quality2. As a business, it is in their best interests to do so as cost effectively as possible; keeping both these points in mind will help to analyse the various parts of the gearbox

  • Components Of Engineering Design And Analysis

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    CHAPTER 1 INTRODUCTION 1. ENGINEERING MATERIALS Materials are an important aspect of engineering design and analysis. The importance of engineering materials can be noted from the fact that historical ages have been named after materials. Materials Science forms the basic foundation for engineers in product development because the structures, components, and devices that design are limited by the properties of the materials. In the customer driven competitive business environment, the product quality