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  • Essay On Hobbies

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    A hobby is something that you enjoy doing in your spare time. It is an interest, a recreation or activity that you spend time on for pleasure and for relaxation. When you retire from work you will have time to indulge in your favourite hobby or pastime that will help to overcome your boredom. You may also want to try out new hobbies and learn new skills. There are many hobbies and interests surrounding us every day. There are craft hobbies, extreme hobbies, fun hobbies, world hobbies, great hobbies

  • Leslie Godwin Is A Hobby

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    style. People unnecessary to work all day. People got extra time. This situation crated a new activities that we common called hobby these days. hobby is getting increasingly diversified everyday. Thereby hobby had become lot of function. Some work might be a "job" for soe people but for others, it might be just a hobby. For example, fishing, sports. People often think hobby is just enjoy things and it doesn't affect them as another function. People usually think only hard and difficult things will

  • My Hobbies Essay

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    I’m here, feeding this essay with information I think no one cares about, but oh well, let’s begin. First, I will like to share my hobbies with you, I believe it’s the most adequate form to start describing myself. My hobbies are special to me, is what I enjoy doing, my passions ;in fact, it’s what gives me personality. One of my strongest and favorite hobbies is drawing, I love to draw and create,

  • Developing A Hobby Essay

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    A hobby is an activity one develops to pursue an interest, outside of one’s regular occupation and engages in them primarily for pleasure. Hobbies range from fly fishing to leather working to star gazing, it can be anything you want it to be and anything you want to do. Having a hobby helps to make you a more interesting person and it can give you the opportunity to meet new people with similar interests. A chain of events may lead you to a new hobby which you had never considered or thought of

  • My Hobbies Leisure Time

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    There is no hobby that one understands one of the better things to do. People have the right balance in their life while enjoying their leisure time. Also, some hobbies feel happier in life. If you're a little bit miserable, it's a hobby you think it's time to forget someone who's leaving the "stupid" guy who left you. I'm 100% sure. I have never experienced so much love in my life, but it's my hobby that helps me to share the hardest divorce with me when I get close to someone. At this point, I

  • Microsoft Word Assignment: My Hobbies

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    Microsoft Word Assignment- My Hobby A hobby is something that keeps us busy during the leisure time. It not only entertains and keeps busy, but also offers an opportunity to learn and grow into a better individual. Different people have different hobbies. While some have interest in collecting stamps, some others prefer painting or reading books. Travelling is also one of the most impressive hobbies. However, my hobby is diary writing. I have developed the habit of writing diary at a very young age

  • My Best Friend

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    friends, Jimmy and Greg, are total opposites of each other. Personality wise Jimmy is very outgoing, meanwhile, Greg is antisocial. Furthermore, my friend Jimmy goes to college unlike Greg who works two full-time jobs. Lastly, Greg’s hobby includes car racing while Jimmy’s hobby includes collecting sneakers. My best friends, Jimmy and Greg have completely opposite personalities. Jimmy is super outgoing and loves meeting new people. Whenever Jimmy is out at the mall or at school he is always making

  • Is Playing Video Games Beneficial?

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    has a hobby. While it is typical to find adults with the same hobbies they had during their childhood days there is also the likelihood that over time many adults would have switched hobbies. Reflecting on my life over the past three years made me realize that I’ve changed hobbies thrice due to relocation, accessibility and cost. Like me, many adults are now turning to video gaming as their preferred pastime, because of its distinctive features from other competing interests. With many hobbies to choose

  • How Should We Best Fill Our Leisure Time?

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    unity of mind and body, medieval people dedicated their selves mostly to worshiping and labour. Nowadays we have such a wide range of activities to fill our leisure time with that cannot decide which way is better. Although, in order to find a better hobby, we can stick with the easiest one. According to bussinessinsider.com, both unemployed and working Americans tend to spend their free time watching TV. It is not the most useful activity, is it? What are the useful ones then? Scientifically proven

  • Personal Note On Time Management And Leisure

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    I recorded and tracked my time for a week and as I was totaling up my hours for each block of time used in similar tasks I soon realized a trend. I love to sleep and I love to be social. Community service and religion was absent in my totaled hours. Time management and leisure are very closely related. With the help of a time use calendar, I plan to better balance my time in the future. My initial observations of sleeping or napping were not surprising because we all need it. Second, I realized