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  • Home Health Care

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    Home Health Care and the Value of the Registered Nurse Home Health Care and the Value of the Registered Nurse The home health care system is one of the fastest growing industries in America. Today, there has been a vast growth of services with approximately 7.6 million clients receiving care from about 83,000 providers (National Association for Home Care and Hospice, 2008, pg 1). This is an increase of 63,000 suppliers since 2004. Factors affecting these figures are; an aging population

  • Home Care Case Study

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    Tips on how to find home care services in Sacramento Are you looking for a perfect in home care Sacramento? If yes, you are at the right place. It is the desire of each person to be treated with love and respect when a point reaches when they can’t take care of themselves. Our organization has been operating for many years. We are point to be categorized as a home care service provider that offers quality services at very affordable rates. Our clients are our number one service provider. This is

  • Home Care

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    Nursing Home? Nursing Homes are places for people who don't need to be in a hospital but can't be cared for at home, more commonly referred to as skilled nursing and rehab centers. Nursing care is typically provided for people who need long-term care or rehabilitation after surgery or are recovering from a more severe medical condition like a stroke. These communities provide all of the personal care and services of an assisted living with the addition of 24-hour nursing care. Regent Care Center

  • Case Analysis : Homecare Home Care Organization

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    provision of a home-based care for different workers who play an essential role in the promotion of healthy lifestyles among this population. It is consequently essential to determine that, the adult population needs to be provided with non-medical care aimed at improving their levels of physical activity and dietary changes in order to improve their health. In this case, Trident Homecare provider’s aims to develop an effective training program that is directed towards educating different care provider’s

  • Long-Term Care vs. Home Care

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    Long Term Care Facility vs. Home Health Care Nursing By: Ronald L. Bowling English 125 J. Shackleford 11/02/2012 Abstract: The decision of whether or not to place an aging parent into a long-term care facility, or to try and to keep them in their own home or yours is one that many American families are facing each day. Factors in dealing with this decision are too numerous to count but we will address a few of them in the following paper, like the financial aspects, psychosocial, and meeting

  • Home Care Aide

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    Home Health/Care Aide or Personal Care Assistant Jacqueline Caldwell Continued Issues Trends Health Law Ethics in Health and Human Services HHS435 Elizabeth Kane March 14, 2011 Home Health/Care Aide or Personal Assistant Our elderly population is living longer than ever before and not all of them are entering into a nursing home. They are choosing to stay in their own home or their caregiver is choosing it for them. Some caregivers are choosing to move their

  • Persuasive Essay On Taking Care Of A Home

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    eyes, homes are nothing more than a vessel that provides shelter. From there the owner or user adds value and comfort to the homes, but the home still does not provide anything itself except shelter. In addition, you are also dependent on local utility companies to provide you with your other needs, and the home still provides only shelter. In a modern society we demand everything to have more than one purpose, but for our homes we buy additions that are multi-purpose, in order to make the home more

  • Long Term Care vs Home Health Care

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    Long Term Care Facility vs. Home Health Care Nursing Karen Waite Eng/102 July, 2014 Will mom or loved one receive better care at home or in a nursing home? This is a hard choice to make, but which is the best? In this paper, it examines the efficiency of home care programs, assisted living and long-term care programs. It examines the care and cost of the different programs with respect. The decision of whether or not to place an aging parent (or a loved one) into a long-term care facility

  • Marketing Home Health Care

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    Home Health Care Marketing Plan Marketing Management– MM522 Home Health United is a home healthcare agency working with physicians and hospitals in the Chicago, IL area. This company’s mission statement is the following: “To be the best and most efficient home health agency, delivering the best services to all our patients who are homebound and need the healthcare.” The company will start out as a small agency with two administrative individuals handling the scheduling and the medical billing

  • What Is Home Based Care?

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    Introduction: What is home-based care? Home care, (also referred to as domiciliary care, social care or in-home care), is supportive care provided in the patient’s home. Care is to be provided by a licenced healthcare professional who provides medical care needs or by a professional caregiver who provides daily care to ensure the patient’s activities of daily living (ADL’s) are met. The term “Home health care” is used to help distinguish it from non-medical care, custodial care or private- duty care which is