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  • Assignment : Website Homepage Suggestion

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    Task #1 - Website Homepage Suggestions After exploring and analysing the homepage and the website as a whole, I was thoroughly pleased at how much content was available to any visitors of the site, and the depth into which each page goes into the strategies, skills and tools you need to achieve your dance studio goals. With that said, there are a few changes I believe could help boost the amount of email signups straight from the home page. The first would be a survey near the top of the page,

  • Claflin University Homepage Analysis

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    Technical documents, as is the homepage of Claflin University’s website, always have a target audience that dictates how information is structured for presentation. After some research, I found that university websites are mostly visited by prospective students and their parents; the target audience. These visitors’ visits are prompted by the need to complete some exploratory task such as finding out the cost of tuition or if a major is offered at the university. The homepage of a website sets the standard

  • The Primary Goals Of Implementing Homepage SEO Best Practices

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    Quickly establish your unique selling point so your visitors know why they should do business with you rather than your competitors. 3. Incorporate Keywords The homepage is the place for your brand messaging. You'll also want to feature your core products and/or services there. It's also the place for some long-tail keywords or experimental keywords, but don't expect to rank for your main keywords there because it's

  • The Search For A Business Meeting

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    The Find “Come on Maddie and Mason, we’re going to be late!” My mom yelled upstairs to Mason and I. My mom quickly came barging into my room and told me to hurry up. As I packed my clothes into my duffel bag, I could hear my mom yelling at my twin brother Mason. I couldn 't understand why my mom had to go to Chicago for a business meeting. I also wish my dad didn 't go with her, this meant that Mason the and I had to stay at our grandparents for the whole weekend. “Mom, why can 't you just

  • Should Alcohol Be Allowed At College Sporting Event Venues?

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    Resolution: Alcohol should not be allowed at college sporting event venues to help control spectator/fan behavior. Side: No, alcohol should be allowed at college sporting event venues. I. Introductory statement: The debate if alcohol should be allowed at college sports venues can be very intense. Many fans that go to these events want to enjoy a cold beverage and should not be restricted to enjoying that beverage just because they are at a college sporting event. According to ESPN.com news services

  • Girls On The Run Essay

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    Kristen Rusher Lina Maxwell Intro to Human Services Feb. 16, 2016 Girls On the Run: A Nonprofit Organization The field of Human Services can be understood as a department focused on meeting and improving human needs and quality of life. A human service professional has a multitude of means to accomplish this goal; through soup kitchens, hospice care and everything in between. One of the many existing human service organizations is a company called Girls on the Run. This human service organization

  • Save The Children Organization Needs The Green Foundation

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    Save the Children Organization Needs the Green Foundation Dayvon Byrd I. Proposal Summary (Executive Summary) Save the Children Organization would like to request one million dollars to help the refugees of Syria. The funds will immediately go to education, health, nutrition, water, and supplies for the children. There are as many as 5 million Syrian children in need and that is what we are here for. II. Organization Description and History Save the Children is an organization that invests in

  • President Of The World 's Largest Telecommunications Corporation

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    “A strong wish to have more money, things, or power than you need”-Macmillion Dictionary definition of corporate greed. Meet Rudy Trainoff. CEO of America’s largest telecommunications corporation; CEO of the world’s largest telecommunications corporation. Sate-light gives you the best data signal, as long as you have a source of light. Once it’s nighttime, you can use the standard electric wireless data, with no interruptions. It was a scientific, technological, and economical breakthrough. Suddenly

  • Essay About One Million Dollars

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    It’s very okay to splurge a bit every once in a while. But have you ever thought of having to spend one million dollars in whatever way you wish? If so, you are definitely not alone. There are many people who dream of having that much money in their bank accounts someday in their lives. It may seem like a lot of money but unfortunately, 1 million dollars does not stretch as far as it used to. Although if you a little frugal when it comes to spending, it might be just enough to get everything you

  • A Toween Story : The Story Of A Halloween Story

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    I’ve never seen anything like it. It’s so, priceless. So, very, intimidating. It’s like thousands of diamonds clumped together to form a new one. And what is this object, you may ask? Well, that isn’t important right now. The thing that is important is that I want it. To get it, I’ll need to steal it! Now, does that make me a thief, you should ask? Well, you’ll need to keep going as I’m about to tell you the story of my attempt on getting it. It all started on Thursday November 1 2009, which makes