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  • What Is Homesickness?

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    Homesickness is kind of sadness because you are far away from your family, country, home or culture. There are certain reasons on which the basis of homesickness occurs let’s just suppose that I am studying in America and my family is in Dubai, this is the reason I’ll become a victim of homesickness. As such homesickness is not a kind of illness. It is attached to our emotions. We have spent like 25 years of life at one place and suddenly we are in a different Country and a totally

  • Soundtrack Of My Life Essay

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    The soundtrack of my life My life like everyone else’s is full of ups and downs, maybe I had so many downs, but it is important for me, as it made me the person I am today; strong, responsible and independent most of the times, I appreciate any help given to me and most of the times I try to offer it because I have been through a lot of situations when I needed help and I did not find any, that is why my first soundtrack I am going to play is(people help the people)by Birdy “People help

  • My Experience Of Homecoming

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    Homecoming The first time I went back home after coming to college was a rollercoaster of emotions. After arriving home I was embraced with open arms by my mom and dad. This was the first time I had seen them since being dropped off at college and I suddenly realized how much I missed them. I called every so often but being in my own home being able to talk and with them was something I hadn’t ever experienced. All of my worries about homework and future exams were gone and I got to enjoy the company

  • Dehumanization Of Boarding Schools

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    “Kill the Indian in him, and save the man.” That was the motto of government established boarding schools for Native Americans on the western frontier. These schools were a cruel and dehumanizing attempt at assimilating native culture with that of the European white man. By enrolling Native American children in these schools, they were susceptible to new diseases brought from Europe, such as tuberculosis and the flu, which the natives had never encountered and resulted fatal. Little Indian boys who

  • It 's Not A Big Deal

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    so let me explain. I live exactly 6029 miles away from where I call home. It’s been more than a year since I last saw my family. People think I handle my homesickness pretty good; otherwise, I would have gone back by now. However, I wouldn’t say that I got over homesickness because there is no such thing as that. Anyway, what is homesickness? Realizing there is no one to take care of you when you get sick? Putting a second plate for your teddy bear on the dinner table and pretending nothing is

  • Nostalgia As A Medical Condition

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    song that brings back memories of past events. Even the least sentimental people are nostalgic at certain moments. Nostalgia was originally referred to as a medical condition. A Swiss physician, Johannes Hofer, used the term to describe extreme homesickness. According to Hofer some symptoms include melancholy, insomnia, anorexia, weakness, anxiety, lack of breath, and palpitations of the heart (Wilson, 1999, 2). Today, Nostalgia is most typically regarded as an emotion. It is more likely to be categorized

  • Transitioning From High School At College Is Always A Struggle For Any Young Adult

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    Transitioning from high school to college is always a struggle for any young adult. The idea of picking your own classes, living on campus, and separating from lifelong friends is extremely overwhelming to process. However, when transitioning to college you are now back in the underclassmen category and must work your way back up the “status ladder.” College opens up a new world that individuals must explore in order to make the best of their first year. But no matter what college we attend, our

  • Reflection On Vedi

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    Vedi, its title taken from Mehta`s childhood nick name, is a rare powerful book with description of a very unusual childhood in the era of the past from the innocent fantastic eyes of a child. It opens a window to the working of the mind of a child-his fears, his traumas, his thinking, and his way of coping with the situation. The reader travels with Vedi to Dadar School for blind in Bombay and realizes (faces) the experiences of child from when he was almost five to the age of nine. He is a normal

  • Home Is Home Essay

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    It is strange how we hold on to pieces of past while we wait for future. As people move ahead in life, they starts being nostalgic for beautiful memories of past and in these memories the majority is of about home, may be because it is one of the most scared place for a person in their life. But before starting about that, we should think about, What is home? Where is home? We don’t have a fix answer or definition to this question because it depends on person to person what they think about it,

  • Relationship Among Stress, Adjustment And Homesickness Essay

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    Relationship among Stress, Adjustment and Homesickness in University Students Priyanka Kaur Palai Pardeep Kumar Department of Psychology, Lovely Professional University, Punjab, India Abstract The objective of the current study was to examine the relationship among stress, adjustment and homesickness among University students. Total 100 subjects (N =100, 47 Males, 53 Females) participated in the current study from Lovely Professional University, Punjab. The age of the subjects ranged from 18 to 25