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  • The Is The Unacknowledged Entity That Exists Between The Intestacies Of Solid Masculinity

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    Homosociality is the unacknowledged entity that exists between the intestacies of solid masculinity (Dellamora Masculine Desire, 2). Jean Lipman-Blumen defines homosociality as: Enjoyment and/or preference for the company of the same sex…it does not necessarily involve…an explicitly erotic sexual interaction between members of the same sex (16). Lipman-Blumen’s definition introduces this “explicitly erotic sexual interaction” to signify homoeroticism. Homoeroticism is “erotic emotions centred on

  • Surviving The Wars : Binary Disintegrations Of Homosociality And Homosexuality

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    Maciej Piorkowski 250651104 ENG 4740F Alicia Robinet December 4, 2014 Surviving The Wars: Binary Disintegrations of Homosociality and Homosexuality An overarching social paradox is inherent in the way Canadian citizens internalize the notion of civic duty; while violent participation in the Great War is lauded as personal and national achievement, post-traumatic stress disorder resulting from significant trauma, physical or social, is also recognized as an integral part of the military consciousness

  • Male And Female Relationships : An Important Integrant Of Nineteenth Century British Society And Literature

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    self-identification took place (Dellamora, 2). And homosociality is the unacknowledged entity that exists between the intestacies of solid masculinity. Jean Lipman-Blumen defines homosocial as: Enjoyment, and/or preference for the company of the same sex…it does not necessarily involve…an explicitly erotic sexual interaction between members of the same sex (16). It is clear from Lipman-Blumen’s study that there is a continuum between homosociality and homosexuality. However, in her definition, Lipman-Blumen

  • Movie Analysis : ' Toy ' Essay

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    because of manhood acts, homosociality, and stereotypes. The manhood acts in the film suppress women at the same time as they support the hegemonic masculinity, which is the masculinity that actively attempts to suppress women and inferior masculinities (Bird pg. 129). When the male characters in the movie do this, it approves of this negative behavior that limits the voice of the female characters. Additionally, the lack of female characters causes the film to portray homosociality, which prevents young

  • Essay about The Continuation Of Patriarchy In Our Culture

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    the banter of his peers out of fear of exclusion. When relationships begin to be formed around ideas that drive patriarchy it becomes very hard to overturn these notions. Although not all male friendships are formed out of objectifying women, homosociality allows connections to be made very quickly among men. This article also shows the fears of taking the “path of resistance”. Men as well as women are apprehensive to go against the group. Deciding not to join in on the homosocial behavior could

  • Movie Review : Top Gun

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    become the best pilots in the academy. They face many challenges and loss along the way. Throughout the movie Top Gun, the hyper-masculine environment of flight school allows for there to be a much more fluid relationship between homosexuality and homosociality. Unlike in everyday occurrences, where romantic exchanges between men are considered gay, the exchanges between the characters in the movie are often considered completely normal. Though not every scene in the movie portrays this accepting, modern

  • How Is Gender Performed A Heterosexual, Homosocial Female Home?

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    How is gender performed in a heterosexual, homosocial female home? “Woman is shut up in a kitchen or in a boudoir, and astonishment is expressed that her horizon is limited. Her wings are clipped, and it is found deplorable that she cannot fly. Let but the future be opened to her, and she will no longer be compelled to linger in the present.” Simone de Beauvoir - The Second Sex. 2) Introduction 200 – 250 words Male perspectives write women out of public space and into private space in a very distinct

  • Masculinity In Giovanni's The Sun Also Rises

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    important to maintaining male relations. In the Sun Also Rises, the homosociality is allowed to be a non-hidden aspect of the text’s iceberg, although it is admitted that this is only due to the physical separation from the American setting. While homosocial bonds between women are accepted and deemed natural in American, homosocial bonds between men run the risk of tainting perception of masculinity (Sedgwick). Male homosociality in particular cannot exist in hetero-normative Puritanical America

  • Masculinity in Peter Weir's Gallipoli

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    Weir demonstrates this type of homosociality in Archie and Frank’s friendship by having particular scenes within the movie where the audience watches on as both characters cement their relationship with races for fun in the Egyptian training grounds and climbing the pyramids to leave their

  • Evering Goffman's Effects Of Masculinity In Society

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    The way that people present themselves to society determines the category that they will fall into. In everyday life, people make gestures, put on certain clothes and talk a certain way all to uphold a certain persona, Erving Goffman would call this persona a “performance”. A good example of the way people in society try to uphold this performance is in the article titled, “The Power and Meaning of ‘Girl Watching’” by Beth A. Quinn. I this article, we see masculinity being examined as well as homo