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  • Honky Tonk History

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    hip-hop influencing genres. In ten years time, there will potentially be different music. However the discussion I will discuss is styles of country, blues and jazz and how it evolved. Honky-Tonk- The key Artists for Hony tonk are Hank Williams, Webb Piece, Lefy Frizzell and Hank Thompson Honky-tonk was described as a style of music which was popular during the 1950s and early 1960s how it evolved is

  • Honky Tonk Badonkadonk's Song

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    Trace Adkins put out some good country music like Honky Tonk Badonkadonk is his number one hit song and It's Adkins only platinum single it came out in 2005. Songs About Me is the 8th song on the top ten. The song finds a way to sum up everything great about country music without coming across as trite or hackneyed. 'Songs About Me' was the title track to an album.You're Gonna Miss This. The 2009 ACM Single of the Year is the most successful of the emotionally driven songs. Just Fishin. Most recently

  • The Country Music Has Changed Over The Past Decades

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    Country music has changed over the past decades, as all music does, stepping away from the focus on freedom, family, friends, faith, and home, to songs about women, drinking, dirt roads, and big trucks. Many people feel that this has led to the objectification of women, creating an unrealistic expectation for women to live up to. Most artist have followed the lead of this and are writing more and more songs about these issues to stay with the trends, as many people enjoy this twist because it is

  • Essay Observation At Honky-Tonk Texas

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    For this project, I chose to go to a concert with my parents at Honky-Tonk Texas, a bar they regularly attend. I chose this place because I have never been and I wanted to see how my parents spend their nights out. The method of observation that was used was asking questions, taking notes, and participating. Participation at the bar included activities like dancing, trying the food, and singing along to the band. Honky-Tonk Texas, The bar, was located in Silsbee, Texas near the Wal-Mart. The bar

  • Hank Williams Electric Guitar

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    With the introduction of the electric guitar to country became a new sort of music called honky-tonk. Prior to, most country music artists used acoustic instrumentals. Hank Williams was the first prominent player of honky-tonk music. It became somewhat popular for the time but it never really gained enough momentum to still be a prominent genre in today's world. Country music as a whole grew widely in popularity in the 40's and 50's. Also with the electric guitar, blues turned into electric blues

  • A Narrative Essay About My Mentor

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    It was July 30, 1985. I had butterflies in my stomach! Today was the day I’d debut with my husband, Randy Savage as his manager. I could hear Randy’s voice he was talking to the manager's, his voice was deep plus they gave him a microphone, not that he needs one. I think he was talking to Mr.Fuji now, he was thanking them for their help. That was my cue. “Thank you all but my manager is…”, Randy yelled. I walked through the door and caught the attention of every fan in the arena. I was walking gracefully

  • From the first time I watched this show in Vince McMahon claims that as he was about to announce

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    From the first time I watched this show in Vince McMahon claims that as he was about to announce "Welcome to WrestleMania III," he felt the spirit of his father Vincent J. McMahon, who had died three years earlier. After he made that announcement he introduced Aretha Franklin, who opened the show singing a rendition of "America the Beautiful."[24] The first match of the night was The Can-Am Connection versus Bob Orton and The Magnificent Muraco (with Mr. Fuji). This match ended when Rick Martel gave

  • The Music Of Country Music

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    Country Music Country music. Just saying that word ignites a train of thought to many people to think of the deep ole’ American South and cowboys. What causes people to begin to imagine those things? From the cowboys featuring in movies to the loud blaring music the hillbilly neighbor plays, country music has brought its way to people around the world. From the 1920’s to now Country music was one of the first genres in modern music and is still popular today in the United States. The history of country

  • Bowen Rocks Country Analysis

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    Review: Bowen rocks country Texas country music is an exclusive category of artists, and Wade Bowen adds his own style. His southern twang and honky-tonk sounds pair with his rocker vibes onstage to keep fans returning for show after show. Before starting the show, Bowen and the rest of his band run onstage, and Bowen says a few words to thank his fans for being there. He dresses in casual western wear, usually jeans, boots and a button-down shirt with the top few buttons undone. The other guys in

  • Joe Diffie Research Paper

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    Joe Diffie entered a crowded field of talented, good-looking male country vocalists in early 1990; despite the competition, the clever lyricist with what People called a “booming tenor and wide-open vocal range” achieved stardom in a very short time, racking up an unprecedented series of chart successes. His appeal was due in great part to his ability to cross the boundary separating traditional country vocal styles from the pop and rock-influenced sound that has increasingly come to dominate Nashville’s