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  • Importance of Honor Guard

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    Importance of Honor Guard “At every crossroads on the path that leads to the future, tradition has placed 10,000 men to guard the past."-Maurice Masterlinck. Being a volunteer member of a military base honor guard, there are numerous reasons that require full effort and dedication. It is important that we, ceremonial guardsmen, strive to stay true to the creed put forth for us. Respect, integrity, inspiration, professionalism and tradition are key to being an effective member of the honor guard. Millions

  • Color Guard Reflection

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    of six, she marches down to the football field in front of the band, chin lifted and smiling big. “[In Color Guard], I get to go out and show people what I can do,” said Iman, who has been on the team for one year. “That’s really fun for me.” Color Guard is the visuals of the band, hence why they are sometimes called the Visual Unit. Every time the marching band performs, the Color Guard is right there with them. They march with the band during pregame, perform at halftime, and even perform at Bandtasia

  • Color Guard Passion

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    Color Guard member is what causes me to relate to this. Every time I perform I get uncontrollably nervous. Once I get on the show mat, I immediately forget about anything in life that might be causing me stress. As I begin to perform I can feel the crowd's energy and that is what pushes me to make every performance better than the last. These improvements are what cause me to make every performance more successful than the last, and they make those impossible achievements happen. Color Guard rehearsals

  • Personal Narrative : Personal Essay

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    that held my knee together, I was not able to walk on my own for at least two months, I missed out on many events my junior year that kept me busy and made me happy. Some of the events I missed out on were playing in basketball games, doing color guard at football games, competing at state for marching band, and competing at show choir competitions. Tearing my ACL and Meniscus not only taught me to not rely on my morals, but it also taught me to not let this setback keep me down. It is easily said

  • Peterson Air Force Base Honor Guard

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    WRTG 101 – Andrew Warder autobiographical essay draft A few years ago, I was tasked with the opportunity to represent the United States Air Force by becoming a member of the Peterson Air Force Base Honor Guard. To most, this is a very difficult task due to the precision needed to perform during funerals but I was honored. I soon went through one on one training with Airman First Class Aros and he helped me get up to speed within a week. The very next day after my graduation ceremony, I was notified

  • Personal Narrative: Honor Guard Daiquan Walker

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    night's basketball game will be the final home game of their basketball careers. UCF will honor guard Daiquan Walker, forward and center Staphon Blair, and forward Shaheed Davis. “To be a senior, it means to be a leader, be accountable, be somebody that the guys can trust, be somebody that the guys can look up to, be somebody that they can come to,” Walker said. Walker became a leader and the starting point guard this season because the leading scorer from last season, B.J. Taylor, was out with a foot

  • What Is The Theme Of Honour In Othello

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    of Shakespeare’s four great tragedies. Othello is unique in many regards. Most significantly, Othello explores issues of a singularly domestic nature. In this play we will see a tale of passion and extremes that, deals with the themes of fidelity, honor, justice, but especially and more extensively with the theme of honour. This thesis will attempt to briefly summarise this play and focus more on the elements of honour and both honest and dishonest characters. The main characters are Othello, who

  • Essay about The honor code

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    How will the honor code impact my academic and campus life?      Throughout my years at Xavier and beyond I intend to follow the Xavier Honor Code so I can become a cooperative and responsible person. By being a student at Xavier I notice I will have to take responsibility of my actions and faults. In order for Xavier to trust me and to allow me to continue attending their school, I will have to follow their rules and be respectful. Not only should I do these things, but

  • Honor in Much Ado About Nothing Essay

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    Throughout the history of the world, honor has been an important part of life. In literature, as well, honor plays an important role in many plots and the development of almost any character. Shakespeare’s play Much Ado About Nothing is no exception. In this comedy about love and marriage, honor is revealed as the primary reason for many of the actions taken by several different characters. When Claudio breaks off his wedding with Hero, he does it because he believes she is not chastised as she claims

  • The Truth Behind Honor By Marguerite De Navarre

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    The Truth Behind Honor Honor is a concept that has a great deal to do with entitlement and based on the actions or qualities of a person. There are three main types of honor that society recognizes; family, men, and women and in The Heptameron, Marguerite de Navarre portrays each of the three types of honor throughout her stories. However, there are often a number of complications that follow honor that lie with classified and understandably honorable deeds or traits, and who is it that determines