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  • Hope Diamond Research Paper

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    One may think that he or she would want to own a diamond that is worth hundreds of millions of dollars, but when it comes to the Hope Diamond, one might want to reconsider. One of the best known jewels in the world, throughout history, and even today is the Hope Diamond. It is a beautiful blue gem, but oddly is not famous for its appearance. The diamond is so well-known because of the fascinating story that follows it. The stone currently rests in the Smithsonian and is admired by the millions that

  • The Moonstone Essay

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    Wilkie Collins portrayal of a cursed diamond in The Moonstone, this Victorian era detective fiction book is still recognized globally today. Although, this novel was written in the nineteenth century Collin effortlessly distinguished the novel for viewers of all ages. The novel is not only a detective fiction but also has some elements of action and romance. Collins not only writes novels but also poetry and has been recognized internationally for all his work. Collins can with ease characterize

  • The World Display Jewelry : A Girl Walking Down The Street

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    sticks out of her lip and bangle bracelets jingle all the way up her arm. Across the street, a woman walks with high heels and a fox wrap an elegant silver evening gown drapes off her body. In her ears are shiny diamond studs, princess cut, and on her fourth finger is a two carat diamond, gold bracelets adorn each wrist. She appears much safer than the teenager. The man accompanying her keeps a possessive arm around her waist, his watch glistens in the street lights, and the cuff links add a sense

  • Gold And Gold Of The Diamond Industry

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    A diamond, it is a precious stone more value than gold and silver not only in society today but has been since its discovery. Diamonds became very much famous by the development in the supply as well as the advanced technology. Technology helped enabled the Diamond cutting, shaping, polishing as well as finishing. The name diamond comes from the Greek word, adamas meaning unconquerable. This is the perfect name because diamonds are made of pure carbon, and are the hardest natural substance known

  • Diamonds, The Embodiment Of Esteem And Romance

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    Diamonds, the embodiment of esteem and romance. Millions of years ago, high temperatures and pressure in earth 's mantle gave birth to a dazzling gem, a gem that would be loved and adored by many people. It would be put on ornaments and crowns, become the center piece of many jewelry, become the highest symbol of esteem, and even be compared to the stars. People would spend entire paychecks, even a month 's, or a year 's worth of salary, on trying to acquire it. And in today 's world, it 's even

  • Diamond Industry

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    Industry Analysis Diamond Industry (Gem Based diamonds) The Diamond industry is essentially broken up into 3 segments: 1. Industrial Diamonds—natural and synthetic diamonds that are used in a wide range of manufacturing processes for their physical properties. 2. Jewelry Diamonds—rough diamonds cut for use as gemstones in jewelry. 3. Investment Diamonds—high-quality large gemstones, often with special characteristics, purchased for investment. The Jewelry and Investment segments together

  • Preventing the export of conflict diamonds in the Democratic Republic of the Congo

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    Preventing the export of conflict diamonds in the Democratic Republic of the Congo The Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) has large reserves of cobalt, gold, gems, copper, timber, and uranium. However, the most valuable resource that the DRC possess is its large reserve of diamonds. Diamonds essentially serve as a pillar to the DRC’s struggling economy. Plagued by civil unrest, the DRC is desperately trying to stabilize its economy. Their efforts have been met with stiff resistance due to

  • Diamonds Research Papers

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    Diamonds are the ultimate gemstone, with few weaknesses and numerous strengths. Diamonds are known for being the hardest substance on earth, but few know diamond is four times harder than the next hardest natural mineral. One of the diamonds only flaws are its cleavage. A skilled diamond jeweler can prevent a diamond from being split by positioning it to be struck at the perfect placement. Diamonds have a wide color range, high refraction, low reactivity to chemicals, and extreme hardness and durability

  • Essay on Blood Diamonds

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    Blood Diamonds Until 1974, Angola had been a colony under Portuguese jurisdiction since 1576. “The combined forces of the Popular Movement for the Liberation of Angola (MPLA), the National Front for the Liberation of Angola (FNLA), and the National Union for the Total Independence succeeded in their struggle in removing the Portuguese colonial government in April, 1974”[1]. A bloody transitional period ensued throughout the next year, where a struggle for control of Angola’s government erupted

  • All The Light We Cannot See Quotes

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    with her crazy great uncle while the war is raging on outside the city. Werner was accepted into the Hitler Youth School and was sent out into the war to track resistance radio signals. Sergeant von Rumpel is also on the search for the Sea of Flames diamonds, and what Marie-Laure doesn't know about her father can greatly hurt her. In this novel, three of the characters are searching for either truth, love, or identity. Knowing the difference between the truth and lies is a very common theme in All The