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  • Kanye West: My Mentor

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    musical career and all of his albums have gone platinum. Kanye has won 21 Grammys and has been nominated for 68 Grammy awards. Kanye is the highest selling rapper in the RIAA Gold, Platinum and Multi-Platinum lists. Kanye is one of the biggest hip hop artists

  • What Makes A Rapper?

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    impact, and perhaps the most vital asset; rhyming skills [flow, delivery, and lyricism] (cite). These qualities of what makes a rapper an efficacious one have been greatly debated since the formation of hip-hop, and ultimately rap, culture in the 1970’s (cite). Those with a passion for hip-hop and rap music can debate their top ten favorite rap artists indefinitely due to the abundance in what catalogs and qualifies a rapper as a great one. The argument for whom is the greatest or the best rapper

  • Break Dancing Essay

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    further the sport will never die out. Break dancing was created in the 1980s where it was powered by the media for a couple of years until it crashed out of the lime light. But it continued and became one of the four major parts of the hip hop

  • Breakin Movie Analysis

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    giving me an idea on what hip-hop was about, it also shows the true feelings of the break dancers when they are being challenged. They used dance to express their anger towards each other and battle among themselves. They showcase different moves of break dance in the battle, to “fight” back against their opponents. This movie also gives me an idea on hip hop in the 80s. I can clearly see the differences in Hip-hop culture when it was being introduced in the 80s and hip-hop that is on-going right now

  • Sexism Against Women

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    Sexism is prejudice, stereotyping, or discrimination, commonly towards women, on the basis of their sex. Sexism is still present in today’s society, especially against women. There are many ways as to how people are sexist towards women. The three places that sexism against women is a big issue: the media, pop culture and the sports industry. Some people do not allow women the same opportunities that men have just because they are women. By creating sexism in these places, people are treating women

  • Hip-Hop's Musical Evolution of Rap Essay

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    The hip-hop culture began in the streets of New York City during the 1970’s and has gone through tremendous changes up until now. Hip-Hop consists of four elements: rap, graffiti, break-dancing, and the disc jockey. In this paper, I intend to fully explain the evolution of rap music, from its infancy to the giant industry it is today. Hip-Hop emerged in the 1970’s upon the arrival of a one Kool DJ Herc. Kool DJ Herc migrated to the United States from Kingston, Jamaica and settled in

  • The Negative Effects Of Rap Music In Modern Music And Pop Culture

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    of rap is almost entirely forgotten and squanders to a whole new low. Hip-Hop/Rap of this generation now condones vulgar activities to a young audience which unknowingly causing much harm. Rap music today is

  • Lamar's Music Analysis

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    Music is one of the purest ways for a person to express themselves. It is able to explain topics such as love, good times, and even oppression in ways that are beyond unique. In modern times the genre of hip hop has started to take over the mainstream community, similar to how rock did in the 20th century. Most of these artists write music for pure entertainment, rapping about money, cars, girls, partying, so on and so forth. But at the same there are artists that state social and political problems

  • Kendrick Lamar : An Overview

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    stories as a child, he put to music some lyrics about the rough Compton streets he grew up on. His stage name was K-Dot when he first started to get the lime light, releasing a series of popular mix tapes, which brought him to the attention of hip-hop producer Dr. Dre. Lamar 's debut major-label recording, good kid, m.A.A.d City, was released to great sales for an up-and-coming recording artist. He continued to receive accolades for his 2015 Grammy-winning album “To Pimp a Butterfly”. Kendrick Lamar

  • Ralphy London Album Review

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    -Fifteen Winters 2 Consistency is key. Ralphy London’s latest mixtape Fifteen Winters 2 proves that he knows what his audience wants. Fifteen Winters 2 keeps the sound that has gather London’s a his loyal fans. His sound has that 90s east coast hip-hop influence that also includes his own new voice. Although, his sound is amazing you are hoping for some evolution on his music. Fifteen Winters 2 is a great album but you don't see any improvement from his previous projects. Ralphy London drop an impressive