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  • Hotel Chain Of Hotels And Resorts

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    1 Introduction Marriott group of hotels and resorts is an International leader in hotel Industry owning more than 3700 properties making it one of the broadest range of brand portfolio holders in the world. Marriott chain of hotels was founded by Mr. J. Williard Marriott in the year 1950 when he started with two motels. The first motel was established as an airport motel near Washington and served as a quality Inn while the second motel was set up near the Twin Bridges a few years later. The second

  • A Comparison Hotel Chain

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    Analysis of the hotel chain through the lens of Integrated model 2.1. Analysis of the Hilton hotel chain as an organisation 2.2. Internationalisation process of the Hilton hotel chain 3. Analysis of the Cherno More hotel 3.1. General description of location, product, potential for development 3.2. Advantages and disadvantages for this particular hotel from affiliating to the Hilton hotel chain 4. Comparison between the Cherno More and the Hilton hotel chain 5. Conclusion

  • Business Strategies For A Hotel Chain

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    V. Various Strategies Used There are numerous strategies hotels use to maximize capacity to increase profits all while keeping costs at a minimum. These strategies include price discrimination, overbooking, inventory control, and duration control. While companies such as the hotel chain, Ayres, may never achieve consistent full utilization, implementing such tactics as these aforementioned lets the Ayres achieve higher utilization rates that directly affect profit margins in the long run

  • Hilton Hotel : An International Chain Service Hotel

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    HILTON HOTEL/INTRODUCTION  Hilton Hotel is an international chain service hotel. The original company was founded by Conrad Hilton. In 1930, Conrad Hilton opened his first high-rise Hilton hotel in El Paso, Texas. As of 2010, there were over 530 Hilton branded hotels across the world in 78 countries. The Hilton Hotels brand remains one of the largest hotel brands in the world. The company places marketing mainly focus on both business travel and leisure travel in popular vacation destinations

  • My Personal Favorite Chain Of Hotels

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    I choose to focus on Marriott International Hotels. This has always been my personal favorite chain of hotels to stay at. Marriott is a leading hospitality company with revenues of nearly $13 billion a year, a fortune 500 company, and over 4,000 properties in 78 countries. They have a majority of their properties in the United States and Europe, but also have properties in Africa, Asia, Australia, Canada, Caribbean, Central America, Mexico, Middle East, and South America. I will discuss this

  • Eagle 's Nest Hotel Inc Is A Hotel Chain Based On The West Coast Essay

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    Overview: Eagle 's Nest Hotel Inc is a hotel chain based on the West coast in the USA. It operates hotels in the USA as well as globally. In 2007 the CEO Joseph Walsh helped to raise the company 's image in the USA. This has seen 15 4-star hotels across the States as well as the acquisition of 2 flagship properties: Two Flagship hotels in New York and Las Vegas. Set for the launch of two 3-star hotels the company 's portfolio has not had any more additional motels or hotels. As stated by Dutta (2009)

  • Business Analysis: The hotel chain, Astor Lodge and Suites, Inc

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    The hotel chain, Astor Lodge and Suites, Inc., operates 250 properties in 10 western and Rocky Mountain states. The company’s customer base primarily comprises business travelers. In addition, the locations of the properties surround airports, large regional shopping centers, and major highways close to suburban industrial sites as well as office complexes. Projections of 2005 fiscal year forecast a fifth consecutive year of a gross loss for the firm. The estimates include an anticipated $422.6 million

  • Successful Factors of Malmaison Hotel Chain

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    SUCCESSFUL FACTORS OF MALMAISON HOTEL CHAIN CONTENTS 1.0 Introduction 2.0 Aim 3.0 Objectives 4.0 Literature Review 5.0 Methodology 5.1 Desk Based Research 5.2

  • Industrialization Of Hotel Service And Processes Of Globalization And Integration

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    Industrialization of hotel service and processes of globalization and integration which are typical for global hotel industry led to the situation that hotel chains took an important and valuable position in hotel industry because of perfect organization and because of the fact that they are technically and technologically highly advanced. Nowadays centralization and integration are common for hotel industry all over the world. Almost all hotel chains regardless of ratings feel pressure of hard

  • Promotional Strategies and Plans Are Critical Successful Factors for International Hotel Groups in This Market Share

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    According to Intercontinental Hotel Group Website (2009), “the global hotel market has an estimated room capacity of 18 million rooms.” On this global hotel market, brand hotel has 45% of the total market. Indeed, the six major international hotel groups are estimated to 41% of the branded rooms and 18% of the total market. Promotional strategies and plans are critical successful factors for International hotel groups in this market share. According to Michael and Lodato (2006:52), the main goal