House of Wittelsbach

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  • The War Of Bavarian Succession

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    Will Vaught, Trevor Lindberg English 2 (H) Ms. Gale April 28, 2017 The War of Bavarian Succession The War of Bavarian Succession, or sometimes called the “Potato War”, was a cultural and country wide conflict between Bavaria, Prussia, and Austria, as well as its allies. During this conflict, were two conflicting ideals surrounding the people’s rights to territory, food, and country wide patriotism. In addition, these two cultures conflicted politically, economically, and through supplies.

  • Albrecht V

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    Strada were key figures in the construction of the court library and the Antiquarium for which they sought acquisitions. Antiquarium that housed a collection of classical sculptures, developed as the locus for self-promotion as a legitimate ruling house that could be traced back to antiquity through famous ancestors and mythical virtuous models . Furthermore, Samuel Quiccheberg’s account on the ideal museum - Inscriptiones – played a key role within the collection as it presented the collection as

  • Hans Scholl's The White Rose

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    In order to be as secretive as possible, they worked late in the night (Scholl, 37). They met secretly in a garden house behind the apartment where Hans and Sophie Scholl lived (Scholl, 41). Here, they printed thousands of leaflets using a duplicating machine. Since the mimeograph machine had to be hand-cranked, the students took turns cranking it (Vinke, 136). In her