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  • How Childhood Has Changed over the Centuries

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    ideas about childhood over the centuries, there are several points of discussion that arise. Many ideas surrounding the change and evolved over the centuries, ideas such as the views towards education and the impact of the industrial revolution on westerns societies views towards childhood, due to the limited space, this essay will focus on two underlying issues which have contributed greatly to the changing ideas about childhood over the centuries, which are; the recognition of childhood and innocence

  • Is Childhood in Crisis?

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    Is Childhood in crisis? 2,500 The nature of childhood, has changed significantly over time. Reference for definitions The word ‘childhood’ can be defined as being ‘the period during which a person is a child’ and is seen as the period between birth and adolesance. Childhood is built up by a range of different aspects for example: development socially, educationally etc. The idea of childhood being in crisis, can relate to a range of different issues i.e. family breakdown, increase in technology

  • Childhood Is A Complex And Interesting Idea

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    Childhood is a complex and interesting idea to define. It can be viewed in a technical manner, considering that childhood finishes at a certain age. Alternatively, childhood could be considered in relation to experiences, expectations and societal views. There are many influences to consider when defining childhood and what determines a person’s idea about childhood. In this discussion paper I will be exploring some key ideas of childhood and thinking about this in the context of child development

  • Assess Sociological Explanations of Changes in the Status of Childhood

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    Childhood is socially construted, this means it is only a human concept and the only reason that 'childhood ' exists is because society makes it that way. Over time childhood has changed as different norms and values over each century of life have been different and is still changing at present. Also in different places of the world there are different cultures and ethics so therefore their veiw of childhood will also be different. As Wagg (1992) states ‘Childhood is socially constructed. It is

  • How Do Kids Back Now

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    The childhood of kids back then compared to the childhood of kids now are so distinct.So many things have changed, especially the amount of technology in their lives. How is it possible that things can change in a short amount of time? Well it happened, things changed. The way a kid lives his/her life now compared to how kids use to live their life back then has changed dramatically. Kids back then were pretty laid back, but full of so many adventures as well. When I was 11 in years old in 2011

  • Professional Development in Early Childhood Education Essay

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    the time, teacher professionals are individuals who play the key and an active role in their early childhood development are teacher professionals who have a passion and a genuine desire to help them learn, grow and succeed in their education. These are just a few roles that early childhood educators plays in the field of early childhood education for working with young children in their early childhood years of life, which the requirements, most of the time, are to have both a formal education and

  • Cruel World by Lynn Nicholas

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    Nazi reign and offers a comprehensive look at the way children were treated. Most of these children had their childhoods torn away from them by being exposed to horrors. The atrocities committed against some groups of children included sterilization, separation from families and being sent to concentration camps. I found that this book had a huge impact on me as I did not quite realise how bad life got during the Nazi era. I had always known that the Jews suffered greatly at the hands of the Nazis

  • Redefining Theories : The Importance Of The New Paradigm

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    Allison James and Alan Prout in 1993 has taken the sociology world by storm. This new type of thinking, called the “New Paradigm” has moved away from the view of children as passive recipients and adult becomings. Instead, it has progressed towards seeing them as competent social actors and human beings who are able to think for themselves while being influenced by their community and environment (McNamee, 2015). It showcases new views and theories on how childhood should be studied and acknowledged

  • The Gender Impacts Of Traditional Gender Roles In Childhood

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    Childhood today is a mixture of parenting skills that has been passed throughout the years. Childhood in America today, focus on freedom of children. For instance, children are no longer working at an early age. Children today have laws that protect them from working. In addition, children are encouraged to go to school. For instance, children often start going to school around five or six years old and will continue until they are seventeen or eighteen. Children are expected to finish high school

  • The Disappearance Of Childhood By Neil Postman

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    Even though childhood has change for the better there is an argument stating that childhood is disappearing “at a dazzling speed” (Postman, 1996) says that there is a closing gap between childhood and adulthood. Neil Postman (1996) claims this in his book “The Disappearance of Childhood”. Postman theory was purely based on the way that communications through technology were made which shapes society today. He thinks that due to the technology such as television and the Internet children nowadays