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  • Edwin Hubble and His Dream

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    eighty-nine who wanted to be an astronomer. That young man’s name is Edwin Hubble. The great Edwin Powell Hubble was the son on an insurance executive. He was born in Missouri. At the age of nine his residence changed from Missouri to Chicago. Growing up he enjoyed basketball and boxing. Hubble was a young man with the admiration to succeed in his education. He graduated from high school in nineteen o six and continued on to college. Hubble receive an academic scholarship at the University of Chicago. He

  • The Influence Of The Hubble Telescope

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    remark was by Edwin Hubble, the man that the Hubble telescope was named after. The telescope made many amazing discoveries in the field of astronomy, as well as the man himself did. It was said that Edwin Hubble revolutionized the field of astrophysics. states, “His research helped prove that the universe is expanding and he created a classification system for galaxies that has been used for several decades.” He made many contributions to science, as did the Hubble telescope, and that

  • The Invention Of The Hubble Telescope

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    galaxies around us, and many more things. As of now, there has been tons of new discoveries all due to the Hubble Telescope. This telescope has done amazing things for astronomers. It has introduced new planets, stars, and many unknown things. The Hubble Telescope has made amazing discoveries and has many more to find. There are four main topics. The first topic will be about the astronomer Edwin Hubble. The second topic is about the telescope itself like when it was built, how, and how it works. The third

  • Hubble Telescope Essay

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    planet. From the earliest telescopes, such as Galileo’s age to the Hubble telescope used today, they have allowed us to see how large the universe is and what makes up the universe. Before the Hubble telescope was launched into space in 1990. Astronomers had to look into the dark sky with a simple telescope or the naked eye. The first working telescope was

  • The Hubble Space Telescope

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    very accurate especially when looking at the Hubble Space Telescope. The Hubble Space Telescope is a telescope specifically designed for space that

  • Edwin Hubble Essay

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    Edwin Powell Hubble: Great Astronomer of the 19th Century Twinkle, twinkle little star, How I wonder what you are! Up above the world so high, Like a diamond in the sky (Gardner 98).      Stars are a marvelous wonder to many people, that is why some people spend most of their lives wondering what is “above the world so high” (Gardner 98). These people study and map the little twinkling stars in order to get a better meaning of them; they are astronomers. Great astronomers

  • History Of The Hubble Telescope

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    me tell you, it’s the Hubble telescope. Now you may be asking what’s the Hubble Telescope? What is a Hubble telescope? Or you might just be thinking “oh I already knew what that was”. If you know what I’m talking about this shouldn’t be too confusing for you, but if you don’t know, well now you can finally learn about what helps us discover many things in our solar system. The Hubble telescope was not made by the actual person, in fact, it was named after him because

  • Essay about Edwin Hubble Biography

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    Edwin P. Hubble was a ground-breaking American astronomer who revolutionized our knowledge of the universe and established the foundations for all of modern cosmology. At the beginning of the 20th century, most astronomers thought that our Universe was confined to the Milky Way Galaxy alone. However, Edwin Hubble's inspiration and perseverance in astronomical research proved otherwise. He discovered the existence of other galaxies and created a systematical classification for all galaxies. Additionally

  • Edwin Hubble Biography

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    Edwin Hubble is a well known person in the science world. He was born in 1889 in Marshfield, Missouri to John Powell and Virginia Lee (James) Hubble. Ever since they day he was born, he has always been a bright boy. He use to be a great athlete in school. A tall, powerful, buff young man loved a variety of sports such as boxing, and basketball. With a good balance of academic and athletic power, it earned him a scholarship to Oxford university. He made a promise to his dying father who never accepted

  • Hubble Space Telescope Essay

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    According to a newsletter sent out by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), the purpose of the Hubble Space Telescope was, and is, to gather light from cosmic objects so scientists can better understand the universe around us. Up until the deployment of the Hubble Space Telescope, all telescopes were Earth based and had the disadvantage of having to peer at the stars through the Earth’s atmosphere. The Earth’s atmosphere provides a large amount of distortion when viewing very