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  • Memories Of A Human Being : Name, Hair Color, Eye Color And Skin Color

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    There are so many things that define a human being: name, hair color, eye color, skin color. However, memory plays just as big of a role in giving a person his or her identity. Memory tells the likes and dislikes, friends and foes, and pleasant and traumatic experiences of a person. Sometimes, though, the memory can be misleading since the brain is able to repress memories of traumatic experiences. In the 1990s, there was a surge in the amount of curiosity scientists had about repressed memories

  • Persuasive Essay On Tattoos And Piercings

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    the fact of race, sex hair color, tattoos, piercings along with many other things. Many people in this day in age have at least one tattoo or piercing. I feel like it is this generation that has had the most in tattoos and piercings. The younger generation is the generation getting discriminated because they choose to express themselves through this type of art form. Every generation had their own way to express their feeling and ways to express themselves as individual human beings. My generation

  • The Black Hair Is A Mutation Of The Gene Mc1r

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    Did you know redheads are mutants? Yup! The gene that causes red hair is a mutation of the gene MC1R. There is an Ancient Greek superstition that redheads mutate into vampires when they die, and I guess it’s based off fact. In this paper, I will explain the different stereotypes of hair color, where they come from, and where the actual color of hair comes from scientifically. I will mostly be talking about women and girls when I talk about stereotypes, only for the reason that they are stereotyped

  • I Am a Connoro

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    Hanging With Hair Saginaw County Science Fair 2009 5th Grade Connor Blue Abstract The purpose of this project was to find out if there is a difference in the strength of different types of hair. I wanted to see if color or chemicals made a difference. My hypothesis was that blonde hair was stronger than brown hair and chemically treated hair. Individual strands of hair were collected from 30 female subjects. I tied one end to a hair hanging device and the other to a baggie. I added

  • Hair Blonde Stereotypes

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    stereotypes, research proves that blondes may be the exact opposite. Those with blonde hair are smarter, wealthier, and are genetically predispositioned to have attractive qualities. Blondes have been proven to be the most intelligent when compared to other hair shades. In a study conducted by the Ohio State University where 10,878 females were surveyed, “blonde women enjoyed an average IQ of 103.2. Those with brown hair mustered a mere 102.7. Redheads managed 101.2. And what's with black-haired women

  • Artist Descriptive Writing

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    that Jordan was teaching me. I stop dancing, humans really do influence others and they are art. No one two are alike. It is an art to be a human. The door slams shut hard behind me as I grip the wide straps on my bag and head down the four flights of stairs. The glass industrial door seems heavier than before as I push it open. I catch my breath as the chilling wind slaps my face. The night sky envelopes the stars just as I try to embrace being human, being me. Once again, my breath forms little

  • How Do Tattoos Affect Personality

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    people do you know that either has piercings unnatural hair color, tattoos or have more than one of each? Now think about the number of people you know, think about their personality; are they outgoing, rebellious, shy? Does their appearance affect their personality or the way you think about them? Think about those people you have in your mind throughout this essay, think about if and how they are affected by having those unnatural hair colors, tattoos, and piercings, just think… Now act as if you

  • A Short Story Of The Missing Fairy Princess

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    sitting by a water fountain with a whole lot of shopping bags eating ice cream and talking with each other. She was hesitant to go and ask but she still needed to go so she can get settled. Walking up to the 5 girls with 6 boys she shyly pushed back her hair and talked in a soft voice but more like a whisper, “ excuse me?” They all looked at her wondering what she would need. The blonde girl responded, “Yes? What would you like?” she had asked. “Well, I need to find a school that i'm supposed to

  • Justin Timberlake Haircut Essay

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    attend to his appearance and ensures that his hair is always neatly styled. Your hair is one of the first thing people notice about you and Justin knows this. Here we have a look at some of Justin Timberlake’s haircuts to draw inspiration and help us understand how he manages to pull off a sexy suave look with short hair all the time! # 1 Informal Crew Cut In this picture Justin has chosen a closely clipped crew-cut which he wears with his natural hair color, a light fawn brown. The cut ties in with

  • Society 's Opinion On The People Who Is Not Like The Rest?

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    piercings unnatural hair color, tattoos or has each of them? Now what might their personalities be like; are they outgoing, rebellious, shy? Does their appearance affect the personality, or the person in general, of those people that they may know; what about society 's opinion on the people who is not like the rest does that include their decision on how they think of their friend? How are the ones, who do not go by societal standards, affected by having piercings, unnatural hair color, and tattoo. What