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  • Minor Characters In The Things They Carried By Tim OBrien

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    embarrassment from fainting, so he confronts the dentist. Lemon insists that the dentist pull out a healthy tooth to restore his pride. Lemon represents soldiers who carry the burden of wanting to appear masculine. He brings into awareness that soldiers are human, and they carry fear inside of them. Lemon acts like a tough man in front of others, but he is a young and frightened man. A person may seem

  • Descriptive Essay - Cold And Shallow

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    broken. I surfaced and touched my smashed nose that had blood flowing into my hands and calmly told Jalyn, “I think my nose is broken.” Rushing to the side of the pool, I told Jalyn to go find my dad, but she didn’t move. She was in shock, I think. Once she finally got my dad, there was a huge pool of my blood in my hands and beside the ladder. I still hadn’t started freaking out until my brilliant father said, and I quote, “Let me fix it” as he reached for my nose. I backed into the pool, still bleeding

  • Lyric Story: Don T Stop Believing

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    near the back of the car. Sky and Emily sat in seats across from one another, Sky started. Emily glared. “What are you staring at?” Emily warned. “I dunno. But it’s UGLY” Sky hissed. Emily lunged, hearing the satisfying crack of a broken nose, Sky held her nose in one hand and yanked Emily’s hair with the other. She then kneed her in the calf, knocking her off balance. Emily quickly got up and kicked Sky in the ribs, the fell to the floor as the train jerked with the sudden movement. Sky groaned

  • My Life - Original Writing

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    a bright laser straight to my eyes. My eyelids hug each other and my brain absorbs all of my energy, leaving my body to melt with the snow. A loud screeching sound violently makes its way into my eardrums; the smell of a burning scent shoots up my nose. As I fight my way out of this blind battle, my brain tries to stretch out of my skull sending an army of migraines. With every painful beat, my eyes picture white flashes. Suddenly, the flashes begin to form images rushing through my mind. I see blue

  • Symptoms And Treatment Of Septoplasty

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    drape is then placed across the forehead. A U-drape placed encircling the patients face and covering the patient’s body. Cocaine-soaked cottonoids are placed within the nose in preoperatively. The circulator makes a note as to how many cottonoids are placed in the nose. During interoperate a nasal speculum is placed within the nose; using bayonet forceps the cottonoids are removed. Make sure all cottonoids are removed. The nasal speculum is then placed in the affected nostril. A Cottle clamp maybe

  • The Causes And Effects Of Plastic Surgery

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    by this idea of "perfection". And while I had my major insecurities, there was always one big standout- my nose. I never had a large nose to begin with. Looking back on pictures when I was in my early childhood to elementary years, my nose always seemed normal, average sized. But when I reached the sixth grade, something changed. I didn't quite notice it at first, but my family did; my nose grew. At this time, I didn't quite grasp the idea that our bodies develop up until the age of adolescence,

  • A Short Story Of Katherine: A Fictional Narrative

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    Katherine had never had a blood nose before. She had never experienced the thick metallic smell that filled her nostrils, never ran out of tissues trying to hold back the blood. She’d seen thousands of bloody nostrils and broken teeth from her many summers as a life guard back in high school but nothing had prepared her for the pain a broken nose would entail. She moved her shaking hands to the bridge of her nose, her fingers feeling for the space that was once the perfect straight edge so many had

  • Persuasive Narrative Writing

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    I emerged from the dark, deep waters dripping with sweat and adrenaline. Being second in the swim, I needed to maintain my success in the bike. People exuberantly cheered and the sun beat down on me, but I could make out my mother's silhouette in the distance; how I craved to make her proud of me. Dashing to the transition area, I mentally prepared myself for the next portion of my competition. Buckle my helmet, grab my bike, and make my way to the rest of the course—I knew what to do like a kid

  • Stationary Monitoring Traffic On Main Street Essay

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    On 06/29/2015 I was stationary monitoring traffic on Main Street (SR 924). At approximately 2135 hours I observed a green Ford Ranger pick-up truck travelling southbound. The vehicle was travelling at forty (40) miles per hour in a clearly and properly posted twenty-five (25) mile per hour zone. I exited the designated area, activated my emergency lights and stopped the vehicle on State Route 924 near Furnace Street. I exited the patrol vehicle and approached the driver who was observed reaching

  • My Experience In My Life

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    I felt lost. I had no hope, motivation, or joy. After hitting a brick wall in my path towards graduating, I felt totally incapacitated. Suddenly, through the struggle and pain shone a tiny, fluffy, and cuddly beacon of light. Her name would eventually be Boogies. She brought a purpose back into my life. Her love filled a void in my heart that I could not have previously defined. My relationship with my cat has helped me regain ambition and a true excitement for life. I was overwhelmed when I came