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  • Descriptive Essay On Horses

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    I have been riding horses for 5 years and over the course of the five years, I have ridden at 3 different barns and ridden nineteen different horses. I have finally found the horse love of my life and found the best friends anyone could ever ask for at the last barn that I find myself there as much as I can and spend almost everyday I have there in the summer. The horse I am currently riding is the craziest but one of the sweetest horses you'll ever meet. This past year me and Stormy competed in

  • Descriptive Essay On Horse Riding

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    About five years ago, I was trying to find a sport that I would love. I have tried everything; volleyball, basketball, cheerleading, gymnastics, and more. My mom's friend from work suggested horseback riding, since I love animals. I started to take a few lessons to try it out and ever since then, I was hooked. I’ve become a more determined equestrian rider over the past four years of riding because I’ve become more self-reliant in achieving higher jumps, I’ve been thrown onto a horse at a horseshow

  • Show Jumping Is A Positive Aspect On My Life

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    Since I was five, I have had a passion for horses and interacting with them. When I was younger, my parents gave me an array of dolls and horse figurines to entertain myself. I always used to ignore the dolls and play with horse figurines. Luckily, my older sister loved dolls so she just sneakily stole the dolls away from me one by one while I played with my horse figurines for hours. I have always admired the strength, beauty and power of horses. My interest in horses has caused me to search through

  • What Is A Horse Riding Essay

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    about it as an exercise when they consider riding a horse, horseback riding can be a bona fide butt-kicking exercise. It may seem the stallion is getting all the action, yet it requires modification, strong legs, and an unfaltering focus to stay in the seat. This old school recreation action is a wonderful way to deal with put some quality vitality in nature and move beyond a major exercise focus plan. There are two or three bits of gear and equipment required to begin horseback riding. If you will be

  • Spirit: Stallion Of The Cimarron

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    Hatley Brown Seton Hall University Essay: Personal Statement The first time I demonstrated a love for horses was when I watched the movie Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron. Every Birthday and Christmas list had “horse” at the top. Finally, when I was six, I had my first riding lesson. After that, I was completely hooked. Every other week I would get enjoy a forty-five minute lesson and, think, “this is the life”. After a few months of riding, my parents found a trainer closer to home, and I began

  • Equitation Science Essay

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    Equitation science Equitation science is an evidence-based approach to horse training and riding that focuses on a thorough understanding of both equine ethology and learning theory. This combination leads to more effective horse training, but also plays a role in keeping horse riders and trainers safe around horses (Starling et al., 2016). Training programme This training plan is working towards the Novice working hunter class at Ryedale show (Class description can be seen in Figure 8). A full copy


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    In the world, there are approximately 75,000,000 horses and 350 breeds of horses that can be found around the world ( Horses are amazing and beautiful creatures that may be used as show horses or a family pet. Show horses require many hours of daily preparation in order to be competitive in the show ring. I have grown up with horses my whole life. I watched my mother show horses and followed in her footsteps. The most important aspects of show day are the appearance and

  • Importance Of Show Jumping Is A Positive Aspect On My Life

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    Interacting with horses has always been a passion of mine since I was five. When I was little, my parents gave me an array of dolls and a few horse figurines to amuse myself with. I always used to ignore the girl dolls and play with horse figurines. Luckily, my older sister treasured dolls so she just sneakily stole them away from me one by one while I occupied myself with my horse figurines for hours. I have always admired horses’ strength, power and beauty. My interest in horses has caused me

  • Why Volkswagen Will Race Ahead Of Auto Peers

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    Volkswagen (VLKAY), world’s third-largest automaker behind Toyota (TM) and General Motors (GM), has been an exceptional performer in the automotive industry, gaining 158% over the last five years. Although the U.S. is one of the Volkswagens smaller markets, it is a top seller in the Europe and China. As the company aspires to become the global industry leader by 2018, here are a few reasons to back up its ambitious claim. European auto industry poised for a rebound Europe’s beleaguered auto industry

  • Business Analysis : Volkswagen Ag

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    Volkswagen AG is one of the largest marketers when it comes to automobiles. The products of the company are available all over the world. However, they are only the third largest automobile marketer in the world, behind Toyota and General Motors. Volkswagen is a major sponsor for several sports such as soccer, the summer Olympics and the winter Olympics. The company is always attempting to be innovative in developing new automobiles that will help customers around the world to have a better, safer