Hurricane Harvey

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  • Hurricane Harvey

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    a major catastrophe mostly due to its destructive economic damage on the Gulf Coast that exceeded even Hurricane Katrina in 2005. The death toll of approximately 82 people attributable to Harvey is a very small portion compared to Katrina’s, but the cost in damages is unrivaled. Current estimates for Harvey are at $180 billion compared to Katrina’s $108 billion (Amadeo, 2017). This makes Harvey the costliest natural event to ever hit the United States and justifies it as more than just a disaster

  • What You Can Do For Hoilson Kids After Hurricane Harvey Essay

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    What You Can Do For Houston Kids After Hurricane Harvey. When Lack of iPads Was Never A Problem. “Let me know how I can contribute best, Adeeb. I want to help rebuild the shattered schools in Houston.” And I ranted on what was bothering me – to get schools up and running for the Houston Kids after Harvey. Adeeb listened to me patiently on the phone and said something that blindsided me, “Karthik, schools will be re-built, food will be served, uniforms will happen, iPads will materialize – for

  • What Is Hurricane Harvey?

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    ravaged by hurricanes and tropical storms. Record breaking storms such as Harvey and Irma have left hundreds dead and tens of thousands homeless. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) released a report at the end of August with the statistics and significant events associated with these storms. Hurricane Harvey was the first major hurricane to make landfall in the United States since Hurricane Wilma in 2005, breaking the 12 year long streak the nation previously held. Harvey was a

  • Paper On Hurricane Harvey

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    on Hurricane Harvey Hurricane Harvey hit the state of Texas Friday August 26, 2017. The tropical storm came about over the Gulf of Mexico a week before. The hurricane was considered to be a category 4 storm. After rolling through certain parts of Texas, it hit Copano Bay as a category 3 hurricane. Following the storm, were several Tornado watches and many things were still rocky after the hurricane. The storm is expected to be a 5 day storm. People were not prepared enough for this hurricane leaving

  • Hurricane Harvey Houston

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    Hurricane Harvey produced record breaking rainfall throughout Houston and other regions. This is the third 500-year flood for Houston in the past three years. Climate scientist warn that extreme rainfall events will be more frequent in the future due to global warming. Houston is familiar with flooding. But, Houston’s 1940 flood control network was not able to handle the extreme rainfall from Harvey. Harvey dumped record breaking rainfall, over 20 inches of rain across the entire Houston Metro

  • Hurricane Harvey In Houston

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    Hurricane Harvey is still getting bigger. News people are saying that there is gonna be more flooding( the weather company). Many towns in Houston Texas have been overflown by the rain. People are trapped in there houses. Some areas in Houston Texas have had up to 50 inches of rain(the weather company). Several out of state people are brining there own boats to Houston Texas, because there helping people who are trapped indoors by the flood(extreme weather). Many people who live there in Houston

  • Comparing Hurricane Harvey And Hurricane Katrina

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    2005 saw the worst hurricane in recent memory, Katrina. 2017 saw yet another truly devastating hurricane, Harvey. These two hurricanes were both destructive in different ways. These hurricanes caused major damage and hard times after they hit.The real question though, is which one was more destructive? There are two different sides to this question, but research shows Katrina was more destructive. Both hurricanes will be covered in depth so you can really see how bad they were. After looking back

  • Hurricane Harvey Essay

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    following the devastation caused by Hurricane Harvey. Many of the drivers in Houston were affected by the increase in gas prices and long lines at the gas stations when Hurricane Harvey hit. Due to Harvey’s landfall, it caused most of the Texas population to flock to the pumps, in fear of a long-term gas shortage. Denton Cinquegrana, chief oil analyst at the Oil Price Information Service stated, “The national average gas price has peaked to $2.67, following the hurricane. This was around a 35-cent increase

  • Hurricane Harvey Compare And Contrast

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    Natural disasters like hurricanes do not happen every day, but unfortunately, they do happen. A few weeks ago, Hurricane Harvey struck in Houston, Texas and caused serious havoc. Several scientists and weather meteorologists began to compare Hurricane Harvey to Hurricane Katrina, a hurricane 2005 that surrounded areas of Mississippi along with New Orleans. Harvey began in 2017 around the Houston area of Texas. Although, Hurricane Katrina and Hurricane Harvey have a twelve-year time difference, they

  • The Cause And Effects Of Hurricane Harvey

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    Hurricane Harvey Raging waters tear through houses, businesses, and estates leaving them afloat. Children are left without parents, parents are left without children, a city is left in desperate need of a savior; Houston, Texas. This disaster will most likely be one to remember. The natural catastrophe known as “Hurricane Harvey” has caused great damage to not only the city of Houston, but it has also had an effect on its people, the economy, and has opened up room for faulty organizations to obtain