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  • Anne Hutchinson's Role Of Women

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    In today 's world, women have an important role. They keep the sanity of others in tact, they maintain the peace, and provide a lot to communities all over the world. Women are just as capable as men when it comes to intellectual thinking, professions, and ideas. But one thing that cannot be changed is that men are just naturally physically stronger than women. So in the 1600’s and about up to the 1950’s, because women were not as physically strong, they were seen as weak in other aspects too. They

  • Dental Question Bank

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    1 1. For lower premolars, the purpose of inclining the handpiece lingually is to A. B. C. D. Avoid buccal pulp horn Avoid lingual pulp horn Remove unsupported enamel Conserve lingual dentine 2. For an amalgam Restoration of weakened cusp you should A. B. C. Reduce cusp by 2mm on a flat base for more resistance Reduce cusp by 2mm following the outline of the cusp Reduce 2mm for retention form 3. Before filling a class V abrasion cavity with GIC you should A. B. C. Clean with pumice, rubber cup

  • Thumb Sucking and Child Essay

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    It is important to stop the thumb sucking habit before the child’s permanent teeth begin to erupt. Children who are unable to stop the habit on their own by the age of 5 may need help. In rare cases, thumb-sucking after age 5 is in response to an emotional problem or other disorder, such as anxiety. A child with this type of problem

  • Fluoride in Drinking Water: Is it good? Essay

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    Fluoride in drinking water has been a hot topic in the past decade. Some communities are all for it and some are completely against it. With such a range of opinions on the matter some organizations have took it upon themselves to present the pros and cons of the fluoride to the public so they can make informed decisions. Often times these surveys are bias to one side or the other, so I shall be giving information on both sides of the issue, the future outlook, and my personal opinion in order to

  • Essay about Your Inner Fish

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    Your Inner Fish Your Inner Fish, by Neil Shubin, is a journey into the 3.5- billion- year history of the human body. It is filled with many interesting topics covering the subject. The four topics I liked from it were: Getting a Grip, Handy Genes, Teeth Everywhere, and Adventures in Body Building. I feel these topics gave key information about our past. Chapter 2, Getting a Grip, talks about the connections between the human and other creatures’ limbs. It also talks about Shubin’s fossil, Tiktaalik

  • A Proposed Easy-to-Use Classification of Mandibular Fractures

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    There are many classifications put forward for describing mandibular fractures. Most of these classifications are not without complexity, making it difficult to use it for clinicians specially in emergency circumstances. Some of them are very comprehensive and gather too much information which can be good for theoretical purposes but not for practical utilization in clinics and hospitals. Clinicians prefer to use easy and ready-to-be used type of classification. Le forte classification for maxillary

  • Accident Fall are the Main Cause of Dental Trauma in India Essay

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    In developing countries like India, accident falls are the main cause of dental trauma and anterior teeth are frequently affected10.The treatment options are decided by the position of the fracture line, length of the remaining root segment and the presence or absence of a coronal segment. The chances of healing with calcified tissue is poorest in cervical-third fractures.1,11 If the fracture line extends below the level of the alveolar bone crest and the apical root segment has sufficient length

  • Essay about Root Surface Caries

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    Root Surface Caries Caries can affect any surface of the teeth. The most commonly seen caries are found on the crown of a tooth, above the cemento-enamel junction, it is also possible for caries to form on the root surface, below the cemento-enamel junction. Dental root caries has received a great deal of attention in the past few decades. A variety of different patients are at risk for root surface caries. Dentists use several methods of treatment. Root surface caries are also called cemental caries

  • Causes And Effect Of A Multi Dimensional Body On Nutrition, Self Governance, Choice And Freedom

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    changes show limits as parts stop growing or decrease in size. Height stops or reduces in measurement. The Human’s body hair disappears or changes color overtime. After a while the skin sags and wrinkles with exposure to sunlight and chemicals. People’s teeth decay and change color with poor dental hygiene or tooth-damaging diets. People’s physical features undergo many natural changes that bears little resemblance to earlier stature. Everyone wants to live a happy healthy life but ignorance of body changes

  • The Staff Of Fox Family Dentistry

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    (Contact us) Contact Our Burke, VA, Dental Office Today The staff of Fox Family Dentistry is available to schedule your dental appointments or answer any of your questions. Our office is located at 5200 Lyngate Court in Burke, VA, and we also serve the communities of Springfield, Fairfax, and Annandale. You’ll find that we offer convenient morning and evening hours and even take appointments on Saturdays! We want to hear from you and take care of your dental needs. Call us today at 703-260-1677