Hyde Park, London

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  • Mandarin Oriental Hyde Park, London

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    Mandarin Oriental Hyde Park, Knightsbridge, London is well known brand in the hospitality industry. The hotel is the subsidiary of Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group. Mandarin Oriental Group purchased Mandarin Oriental Hyde Park, London in 1996 and after a renovation and redesigning of the restaurants and bars, it is named like that. Mandarin Oriental Hyde Park, London building is designed in historic Edwardian style. The hotel includes a Hyde Park that can be viewed from breakfast and dining room.

  • Photograph of the Demolition of the Crystal Palace, 1936 Essays

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    great awe and sadness. The fire spread quickly as "the dry wood of the gallery floorboards, the walls and the sashes burnt like tinder", "within half an hour the building was an inferno from end to end" (Beaver, 141). Firefighters came from all over London to fight the blaze, "89 engines and 381 firemen" joining to save the structure (Beaver, 141). The fire surely spread quickly as poor ventilation and a greenhouse-like atmosphere fueled the flames. The materials, glass, wood and iron, all highly flammable

  • The Crystal Palace Essay

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    However, there were many that were opposed to the plan. In general, foreign imports coming in such great quantities could undermine British industry. More specifically, the site itself was questioned. Though the park offered enough space, the British were very protective of their parks “The Parks committee thought that the fair would lower property values of the highest portion of town, as well as permanently “disfigure” the natural area”. (1)

  • Construction Of The Crystal Palace

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    initially made in Hyde Park, London, in order to be the home for the Great Exhibition of 1851. It was known that “14,000 exhibitors from all around organized together in the 990,000 square foot exhibition space in order to display models of technology that was developed during the Industrial Revolution.” () It was created and designed by a man named Joseph Paxton and is “three times bigger than St. Paul’s Cathedral.” () Once the exhibition was over, the palace was relocated to South London to a place known

  • Biography Of Alexander John Greenslade And Lady Mary Capelle

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    Alexander John Greenslade, Stepney, London, 1885. I was born to Lord John Greenslade and Lady Mary Capelle. In my early years, me and my kin took residency in Millbank road; walking distance from both the Palace of Westminster and Buckingham Palace. We lived in a white bricked mansion: five stories tall; a small porters lodge just outside the front door; white and gold incrusted foyer centred around a carpeted marble staircase, a glittering chandelier hanging from The Creation of Adam on the ceiling

  • Joseph Paxton 's Life And Accomplishments

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    seventh son of a farmer, grew up in a big family. He was an English architect, gardener and also known for cultivating Cavendish bananas. 1The first time he introduced in this garden industry was when we obtained an employment opportunity at Battlesden Park. At the time he was 15 years old, and was became a garden boy. He switched couple of garden jobs until 1823, where he worked at Horticultural Society 's Chiswick Gardens.2 This was where he met one of the most influential person in his career, the

  • Introduction Of The Crystal Palace

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    demonstrate an imperial industrial and economic leadership of the world, Queen Victoria’s husband, Prince Albert organized the first world’s fair, namely, “The Great Exhibition of the Works of Industry of All Nations”, at the Crystal Palace in Hyde Park, London, from May 1 to October 15 in 1851 (Celik 1). Not only did the diversity of the foreign goods displayed at the exhibition astonish the publics, but also the Crystal Palace, designed by Joseph Paxton and Owen Jones, as the striking structure

  • Descriptive Essay On Hyde Park

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    When it comes to Hyde Park I’m reminded of all of those old Hollywood movies. I’m pretty sure that a werewolf or two once ran through Hyde Park and it was definitely mentioned in some Sherlock Holmes movies. I also believe that Hyde Park is one of the most popular parks in London, England. It is a part of the Royal Parks of London. Hyde Park is one of the greatest city parks in the world and has over 4,000 trees as well as a large lake, a meadow and there are wonderful ornamental flower gardens

  • The Crystal Palace And The Maison De Verre

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    The Crystal Palace, located in London, England, was constructed in 1851 by Joseph Paxton. Having been the world’s first structure to be built entirely out of glass, it has inspired and influenced many glass frame construction throughout the years. It held many exhibitions during its lifetime and hosted thousands of people from around the world. Unfortunately, the great Crystal Palace had a major design flaw that inevitable caused its great destruction: flammable wood flooring and glass frame work

  • Eleanor Roosevelt : An Effective Leader

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    Eleanor Roosevelt Casey Gaines Concordia University Eleanor Roosevelt “Success must include two things: the development of an individual to his utmost potentiality and a contribution of some kind to one 's world” (Roosevelt, p 119, 1960). Eleanor Roosevelt was born in New York City October 11th, 1884 (Burns, 2012). Having grown up in a family considered to be in the top of society, Eleanor could have focused her life on parties and social gatherings. However, Eleanor came to the realization