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  • The Use Of Creating Polylactic Acid Using Starch From Corn Acid

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    Biopolymers are polymers (large molecules, consisting of many repeated subunits) produced by living organisms also known as organic polymers. An example of this is starch, which by chance is one of the most commonly used raw materials in creating Polylactic acid. DNA and RNA are both examples of Biopolymers that have been constructed from nucleotides. Polylactic Acid Polylactic acid is a biodegradable thermoplastic deprived from renewable sources such as cornstarch and sugarcane There are several

  • The Internal Environment Of Indraprastha Gas Limited

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    Executive Summary The objective of this study is to understand and evaluate the internal environment of Indraprastha Gas Limited. This study does a critical analysis of the vision statement, philosophy and the business objectives of the company and the relationship and consistency between them. A review of the business of the company is done to understand the relationshi between the vision and the business processes of the organisation. It also takes look into the composition of the top leadership

  • The Bacteria's Environment And Its Unusual Ability May Help Mankind

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    Alcanivorax borkumensis is a bacteria that found in aquatic areas of the world. It is an unusual bacteria because it has the ability to break down oil found in the oceans. In the following pages, I will discuss the size and shape of the bacteria. Also, I will discuss how the bacteria’s environment and its unusual ability may help mankind in controlling pollution of the world’s oceans. First, we will discuss the basic makeup of the bacteria. A. borkumensis is a rod shaped bacteria with no flagella

  • Why Is It Important For Oil And Gas Business?

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    know about t he geological subsurface structures and where we can found hydrocarbons, if our geophysicist are not skilled enough to perform seismic and gravity surface, how could we able to map the horizons and how could we get to know that where we should drill or where we should not drill. If our drillers are not much experienced in their profession, the situation will be like that we are not drilling to produce hydrocarbons, we would be drilling to throw our money in that hole. If our production

  • The Effect Of Faults On Oil Migration Essay

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    The Effect of Faults on Oil Migration Wentao Zhang Missouri University of Science and Technology Abstract Faults play important roles in oil migration and accumulation. Faults can not only promote oil migration, but also trap and accumulate oil. This paper explores some methods to find out a fault and confirm it is opened or closed. Zhang, C., Xie, X.N., Jiang, T., Liu, X.F. (2005) fou-nd out the properties of faults in the BZ25-1 oilfield of Bohai basin by using some geophysics and geochemistry

  • What Are Fossil Fuels?

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    Today when our car is running low on gas, all we do is stop at a gas station and fill it up. We do not even take a second to think about it, we just do it. Not many people stop and think about how the fuel we are putting into our cars got to the gas station in the first place. The bad news for us is that oil, along with a few other resources, are fossil fuels. Almost everyone’s daily life uses fossil fuels in one way or another. The big question that not many people ask or know the answer to

  • Air Force Materials Report Jet Fuel

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    C3C Hayden Johnson Chemistry 200 Lt. Col. Lincoln 4/27/16 T1/T2 Air Force Materials Report – Jet Fuel Jet fuel history can be traced back to World War Two where the first jets stated being used. The English and the Americans were the first nations interested in jet fuel in order to power their aircraft during this war and they standards that were set were quickly adapted by others using this uncommon, new fuel to power their aircraft. Jet fuel started as a mixture between regular gasoline and

  • Organic Chemistry : The Scientific Study Of Organic Chemistry

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    investigate the effects of C-C bonds, molecular mass, and symmetry on the boiling point of homologous series. It could provide a preliminary first step for later studies in this area by establishing a link between single C-C bonds and boiling points of hydrocarbons. The homologous series analyzed in this investigation will be alcohols

  • The Energy Sector Is The Most Fundamental Resource That Fuels The Entire Globe

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    We all know that energy is the most fundamental resource that fuels the entire globe. The Energy sector is of international importance and is widely followed by many national and international organizations. ExxonMobil is the world’s largest public company in market capitalization and is the benchmark for companies operating in the Oil & Gas Industry. Exxon is currently operating in the United States as well as over 200 other countries around the world. The company operates business under three

  • Issues with Using Fossil Fuels

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    when we don’t think about it. These fuels include natural gas, crude oil and coal (Coal is not a hydrocarbon). Fossil fuels grant us electricity, heating, fuel for cars and planes. We have been using fossil fuels for the past 200 years but studies have shown that they may not be the best resource to use because they have many issues connected with them. I chose fossil fuels because they are hydrocarbons that we will need to deal with soon in the future because countries are consuming them more and