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  • The Bp Texas Refinery Explosion Occurred

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    when a hydrocarbon vapour cloud exploded at the isomerization unit at the oil refinery in Texas City. 15 workers were killed and 180 were injured. It was one of the worst industrial disasters in the United States. British Petroleum inherited the refinery when it merged with AMOCO, an American-based global chemical and oil company. It is the third largest oil refinery in the United States. The isomerisation unit was designed for converting low octane hydrocarbons to higher octane hydrocarbons to

  • Geological Structures Within The Earth

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    necessary information for reservoir pay zones. The foundation for hydrocarbons is based off of the organic theory which states that the hydrocarbons formed through an anaerobic environment (lacking oxygen) over time with high pressures and relatively low temperatures (300°F - 392°F) with carbon based materials such as algae. The basis for algae is the fact that the ocean contained around 95% of plankton in the ocean and reservoirs for hydrocarbons are found in sediments made up of

  • Source Water Essay

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    Concerning the two main oil pay zones, L-II limestone and L-III limestone, there is a shale of 300 m between them, which separates these zones. Moreover, as already mentioned, the L-III reservoir is the most prolific in terms of aggregation of hydrocarbons in the Bombay High field. The L-III reservoir can be divided to layers that contained limestones and shale and also keeps a percentage of approximately 95 % of the oil reserve. The East-West trending shale channel in the L-III reservoir caused

  • Implications Of Heterogeneity In The Enhanced Oil Recovery Process

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    is a rock factor that impedes fluid distortion through porous media where it has a great influence on the sweep efficiency in Enhanced Oil Recovery processes. Furthermore, it can be considered as the most crucial factor that strongly affects the hydrocarbon recovery efficiencies, especially in heterogeneous reservoirs. Therefore, quantifying the effects of heterogeneity and anisotropy is an essential step in reservoir simulation and Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) studies as that leads to determine the

  • Management Case Study: UZMA Group

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    1.0 Introduction 1.1 UZMA Background UZMA Group is an international oil and gas service company providing an array of effective services to the upstream sector across the exploration, development, production and to the downstream sector for facilities/plant construction, operations and maintenance. It has been 15 years since UZMA started its journey in evolving into integrated reservoir company. Since its conception, UZMA Group has become a public listed company with a strong business model that

  • Pore Pressure Lab Report

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    Abstract An accurate knowledge of formation pore pressure is required for safe and economic drilling and successful and exploration and production of hydrocarbons in areas which are abnormally pressured (pressure gradients greater than 0.465 psi/ft). An accurate estimation of formation pressure and depths helps in optimum planning so that proper hole sizes, casing programs, and mud weighting schedules can be selected. Historically, techniques for measuring pore pressures and detecting the proximity

  • A Comparison Of Alternative Energy Sources

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    harnessing of oil, but also many modern economic problems that are caused by this need for oil from the Middle East. What exactly is oil? Pure extracted oil is known as crude oil, which is a mixture of liquid hydrocarbons. The crude oil is then processed through the breaking of those hydrocarbon particles into

  • Essay On Petroleum Products

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    In the article, On the Limitation of the Term ‘Petroleum Products’ in the Determination of the Oil Pollution of Bottom Sediments (2017), Z.A Temerdashev (also this article’s corresponding author), L.F. Pavlenko, I.G. Korpakova, and G.V. Skrypnik et al. investigate the overuse of the term ‘petroleum products’ upon measuring levels of exposure to toxins, carcinogens, and mutagens in bottom sediments of the Sea of Azov & the Black Sea, as well as identify a more effective way of studying this concept

  • Igneous Intrusions Within The Raton Basin Sierra Grande

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    the mines underground and the gas created could result in the projection and rapid release of gases (Jian and Cheng, 2014). Coal-Bed Methane and Natural Gas. Coal-bed methane is naturally occurring methane with some amounts of hydrocarbon gas as well as non-hydrocarbon gas that is contained in coal seams resulting from chemical

  • Evolution Of Indian Gas Market

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    INTRODUCTION There are an abundance of sources of energy and fuels in our country and natural gas is one of them. The attribute of natural gas that separates it from the other fuels and makes it distinct is that even though it is a non-renewable source of energy it is found in abundance and can last for centuries and its usage results in much lesser pollution compared to other fuels. In India there is huge potential for natural gas and most of this potential is yet to be exploited. In context of