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  • Evolution Of Indian Gas Market

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    INTRODUCTION There are an abundance of sources of energy and fuels in our country and natural gas is one of them. The attribute of natural gas that separates it from the other fuels and makes it distinct is that even though it is a non-renewable source of energy it is found in abundance and can last for centuries and its usage results in much lesser pollution compared to other fuels. In India there is huge potential for natural gas and most of this potential is yet to be exploited. In context of

  • Organic Chemistry Assignment : Organic Chemical Compounds

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    Organic Chemistry Assignment By: Shirelle Cogan 1a) Organic compounds: C3H4, C8H10, CH3CH2CH2CH3, Benzene Inorganic compounds: H2CO2 (aq), CO2 Why? We know that organic compounds always contain carbon bonds with hydrogen, but not all molecules containing carbon are organic. They can be carbon hydrogen bonds, carbides and carbonates. b) C6H10= alkene, Name: 1,2-hexdiene C3H4= alkene, Name= 1,3-propdiene CH3CH2CH2CH3= alkane, Name= Butane Benzene= aromatic substance, Formula=

  • Benefits of Oil Drilling

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    Benefits of Oil Drilling I am very intrigued by the oil drilling industry. I really hadn’t put much thought into the industry until around three years ago. Since then I have seen many arguments on the pros and cons of drilling for oil either offshore or inland. Some of which I completely understand and believe changes should be put into place soon so that we do not cause more damage than necessary. . Numerous arguments though are just people looking to place blame and are not seeing the bigger

  • Pollution: The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Solar Energy

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    water source, industrial mining but the worst of them all, pollution caused by petroleum. Petroleum or fossil fuel is our main energy source in today’s world, but it has caused pollution in variety of ways. It caused environmental pollution, the hydrocarbon molecules in petroleum is toxic to many living things including humans, it also has sulfur and nitrogen compounds which can cause chemical reactions with our environment and produce poisonous chemicals. It can also pollute our environment through

  • The Conventional Sources of Energy That Is Widely Utilized in Oman

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    Sultanate of Oman was discovered ,with a colossal numbers of reserves for the early period, the usual gas is believed as one of the main origins of power nowadays a dates, for countless needs and activities. Usual gas consists of a combination of hydrocarbon gases, that are flammable and it is industrialized chiefly of methane, it can additionally contain ethane, propane, butane and pentane (NaturalGas.org, 2011). The constitution of usual gas could be disparate from locale to another. The usual gas

  • Drilling In The Petroleum Industry

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    The petroleum industry has begun to shift into more challenging circumstances in which to drill, complete, and produce hydrocarbons from the well which has largely been due to depletion of conventional reserves present onshore overtime. In the U.S., the industry has particularly seen a gradual shift to development of unconventional shale plays, including the Eagle Ford or Bakken formations, and deepwater assets which are flanked by salt deposits. In the latter operating circumstances, which will

  • Southern North Sea Basin Essay

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    Introduction The Southern North Sea basin is located between the UK and The Netherlands, being the main gas fields in the UK, with production coming from Permian reservoirs, which are sealed by the upper Permian salt. The development of this basin is resulted of the subsidence, which has been punctuated by discrete events of uplift and predominant erosion in several periods such as Late Carboniferous, Late Cretaceous, as well as at several times during the mid-Cenozoic (Cameron et al. 1992, cited

  • Essay On Forest City Basin

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    Abstract The Forest city basin is located in northwestern Missouri, northeastern Kansas, southwestern Iowa, and southeastern Nebraska. The Forest City basin is represented mainly by shales deposited as the sea withdrew (regressed) westward, although there are small isolated areas in northern Missouri in which a marine limestone formed. A few locations in west-central Missouri have sandstone channels attaining a thickness of as much as 30 ft. within the Mine Creek Shale (Manos). Introduction

  • Is Fracking Our Energy Future?

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    three and twelve chemicals, including hydrochloric acid, sodium chloride, methanol, and isopropyic ethanol, that serve various functions-underground at high pressure to crack open shale rock, release natural gas or oil trapped there, and allow the hydrocarbons to flow to the surface. (24) To most people, hydrofracking or fracking is just an easy way to describe the processes used to drill a well and extract oil and gas from the site. Weld County, where Greeley is the largest city, is home to “more than

  • Fracking : Hydraulic Fracturing ( Fracking ) Essay

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    Nour Alqatami Hydraulic Fracturing Fracking process is a type of drilling water beneath the earth surface in order to access to natural gas and oil. A huge drill is used to pass through many layers of earth and rock that lie between us as the natural gas. The mixture is water, sand and certain chemicals forced into the rock at high pressure in order to force the gas out to where they can collect it. The drill can be driven into the earth either vertically or horizontally. Fracking began as an experiment