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  • Stenosis : The Disease Burden Of Hydrocephalus

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    Aqueductal stenosis in patients with hydrocephalus Loyal PK, Nderitu JM, Wekesa V, Abstract Background Aqueductal stenosis is a known cause of hydrocephalus. The scope of this paper is to highlight the disease burden of hydrocephalus attributed to aqueductal stenosis which still remains unknown in our setting. Materials and Methods In a descriptive cross-sectional study, 258 records of patients diagnosed with hydrocephalus were analyzed after ethical approval from KNH-UON ethics and research committee

  • Managing Paediatric Hydrocephalus : The New Thinking

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    MANAGING PAEDIATRIC HYDROCEPHALUS IN THE DEVELOPING WORLD The New Thinking INTRODUCTION Hydrocephalus remains a signifiant challenge to neurosurgeons the world over, in particular the developing world. The mainstay of management remains the insertion of a ventriculo-peritoneal shunt (VPS). This method is expensive and has significant morbidity and mortality. An ideal treatment method would be to maintain a shunt free environment, however at the same time provide adequate and durable cerebrospinal

  • Symptoms And Treatment Of Cystic Retrochiasmatic Craniopharyngiomas

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    Abstract: Cystic retrochiasmatic craniopharyngiomas may reach enormous size by expanding into the posterior fossa along the retroclival area, which is very unusual finding. A 5-year-old boy presented with headache for 2 month. On the neurological examination, it was normal. Initial magnetic resonance (MR) images revealed a huge, thin-capsuled multi-cystic mass, which extended around brain stem & extending bilaterally along the base of the middle and posterior cranial fossa. Subtotal excision of the

  • A Congenital Malformation Commonly Affecting Children Born With Spina Bifida

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    congestion of these structures in the spinal canal limits the flow of the cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) from the brain to the spinal cord (Medway, 2006), causing other medical issues that become regularly associated with Spina Bifida as a result, such as hydrocephalus (Columbia Neurosurgery, n.d.). Issues associated with the Arnold-Chiari malformation can only be relieved, rather than treated, through surgical processes that aim to eliminate or reduce these symptoms (WebMD, 2014). The Arnold-Chiari malformation

  • Hydrocephalus Essay

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    Hydrocephalus Definition A condition affiliated with excessive fluid in the brain. Causes, incidence, and risk factors The fluid in the brain (cerebrospinal fluid or CSF) is formed in the brain. CSF usually circulates through parts of the brain, its covering, and the spinal canal, and is then absorbed into the circulatory system. When the circulation or absorption of this fluid is blocked, or excessive fluid is produced, the volume of fluid in the brain becomes higher than normal. The accumulation

  • Reflective Essay On Physical Work

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    of because I always had trouble doing certain tasks while everyone made it look easy. Before I was even born, I had a stroke. I was one of the very few that would’ve survived this. At five weeks old, I was diagnosed with a condition known as hydrocephalus. This caused cerebro-spinal fluid to push on my skull. This would’ve resulted in death, but we had a VP shunt inserted to keep me alive. What the VP shunt does is it drains the excess fluid from my brain ventricles down into my abdomen. When I

  • A Research Study Of Condition A Phobia Into A Young Infant

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    fear a white lab rat. They realized that the infants fear was transferred to other furry like objects like rabbits and dogs, and even a Santa Claus mask. (Fridlund, Alan J) After the conditioning however the infant left to go home and developed hydrocephalus and died in 1925. Fast forward to 2012, Fridlund, Beck, Goldie, and Irons (2012)

  • Ben Carson

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    The Amazing Hands that keep on Giving By Denise Lewis English 1101 Ms. Crosson 8 September 2009 Outline Thesis: Ben Carson has accomplished many triumphs as a skilled surgeon, humanitarian and author. I. Ben Carson innovational surgeries: A. The intra-uterine procedure in is used to relieve pressure on the brain. B. He was the first to perform this procedure on a hydrocephalic fetal twin C. Today it is known as the Ventriculoperitoneal Shunt or VP

  • The Muscular And Nervous Systems Of Our Body

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    diseases that could affect our homeostasis within our Muscular and Nervous System are Hydrocephalus and Dystonia. The Nervous System is the system of our body that deal with the many nerves in our body that help us respond and react to things outside of our body that could or could not be conscious to us. The disease Hydrocephalus is a disease that affects the Nervous System through the brain. Hydrocephalus is when fluid that normally would help cushion our brain becomes excessive. This fluid

  • Chronic Intracranial Hemorrhage And Intraventricular Hemorrhage

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    independence by 1 year. On presentation, patients with ICH are often only mildly impaired and cognitively intact. Within a few short minutes or hours, a patient 's progress can change rapidly as a result of hematoma expansion, or cerebral edema, and hydrocephalus. Intraventricular (IVH) occurs in 12-45% of patients with ICH. It also can occur independently of ICH without a significant parenchymal component. Mortality estimates for IVH in any setting range from 45-80%. The most common cause of IVH is spontaneous