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  • Level 3 Nvq Dementia Awareness Essay

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    1.1 Describe a range of causes of Dementia Syndrome. Dementia Syndrome is a condition caused by a set of symptoms. These symptoms can include but are not limited to: - memory loss, mood changes, communication difficulties, difficulty understanding or thinking. Some causes of these symptoms are:- the chemistry and structure of the brain changes, therefore causing the brain cells to die.(Alzheimer’s disease) Once again this can be caused by various things, lack of oxygen to the brain (Vascular

  • Essay on Socialization to Nursing

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    Socialization into Nursing Winston – Salem State University January 21, 2013 Nursing 2312 Abstract This paper explores the process of how nurses are socialized into their profession and how my own personal socialization process has shaped my nursing career. Using Benner’s Model of socialization, I plan to explore my own personal journey from Novice to Expert reflecting the changes in my career that were supported by his five stages or levels of proficiency. Each level produced its own challenges

  • The United States Should Not Allowed For Any Medical Intervention

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    In today’s world hospitals are the foremost facilities of providing a varying level of care. These facilities supplies its medical professionals with the means to perform any treatment deemed necessary to regain health or save a life. However, as true as this understanding may be, there are hospitals here in the United States that are not allowed to provide certain services because of religious affiliations; meaning they must first follow a religious doctrine before implementing any medical intervention

  • Analysis Of The Absolute True Diary Of A Part Time Indian

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    False Believes of Reservation Indians In the late 1400’s a navigator by the name Christopher Columbus was sent in search of a new trade route to the west indies from the motherland of Spain, but was accidentally sent off course during the excursion. As a result, him and his crew members discovered an entirely new land mass that eventually became one of the most famous discoveries of all time. Christopher Columbus and his crew had found a new land inhabited by multiple different cultures and people

  • Literature Review On Dementia

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    The review of literature explains the previous studies in this dementia. Mainly this chapter is concern on health professionals’(primary care doctors', multi-expert professionals, nurses’) knowledge, practices and obstacles to diagnosis and management of dementia and will illustrate in details of background of dementia, diagnostic criteria, types, diagnostic barriers, diagnostic tools, criteria, challenges in assessment, treatment gap, dementia specialist, differences normal aging and dementia, dementia

  • Health and Social Care

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    Abuse and Alcoholism * HIV and AIDS * Multiple Sclerosis * Huntington 's Disease * Parkinson 's Disease * Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease * Lewy Body Disease * Pick 's disease (fronto-temporal dementia) * Normal pressure Hydrocephalus * Untreated Syphilis * Toxic levels of metals, such as aluminum (can sometimes occur in dialysis patients) * Vitamin B12 deficiency * Thiamine deficiency 3.2. Describe the likely signs and symptoms of the most common causes

  • Euthanasia Essay - Legalizing Physician Assisted Suicide

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    Legalizing Physician-Assisted Suicide in Australia First, it is essential to define euthanasia in order to resolve any misconceptions. Euthanasia is the painless killing of a patient suffering from an incurable and painful disease or in an irreversible coma (Oxford dictionaries, 2014). It can be either passive or active however this essay will focus specifically on active euthanasia. Euthanasia is currently illegal in Australia, although it was briefly legal in the northern territory. This essay

  • Essay on The Effects of Toxic Gardens

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    in this developmental stage. Significant deformities have occurred in fetuses that were exposed to chemicals. Additionally, fetuses that are exposed to toxins found in man made pesticides have sustained damage to their thyroid. This has led to hydrocephalus, seizures, neurological abnormalities and cerebral palsy (Allva, Brock, et al. 3). To be aware of the dangers of these toxins and to avoid them is monumentally important to the wellbeing of the fetus. By continuing to use pesticides in their

  • Neuro Case Studies

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    | Neuro Case Studies | Pathophysiology case study week 7: Neurological Question #1 Brett reached into a clogged snow blower to clear the chute while it was still running. He completely severed one finger and partially severed another on his left hand. After lengthy surgery to reattach his fingers, he has regained much of his motor ability but has lost some of his sensory function. What factors are involved that affect the regeneration of Brett’s neurons and neuron function? Clinical

  • An Organization Of Sense Scotland At A Respite Care Facility Supporting Adults With A Variety Of Complex Needs

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    catheterisation, Carol uses an electric wheelchair to enable her mobility and requires 2:1 care with daily living activities involving personal care, as well as her physical disability Carol also has learning disabilities due to a diagnosis of Hydrocephalus which is a result of excess fluid build up on the brain which causes pressure and can damage the brain, this is being treated with a shunt. Carol also has Oral-Dyspraxia and although she is able to communicate well staff need to ensure that they