Hysterical contagion

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  • Fear And Mass Hysteria In Arthur Miller's The Crucible

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    Fear in The Crucible Fear is a powerful emotion. It defines humanity. The sole reason humans continue to progress and invent is due to the fear of the unknown. Humans have feared the unknown since the beginning of time. Therefore, it is logical that knowledge creates security. In scientifically ignorant societies such as puritan Salem in 1692, fear runs rampant when dozens of innocent people are accused of witchcraft and some hanged. In Arthur Miller’s famous play The Crucible, mass hysteria leads

  • Understanding Pro Social Behaviour Among Humans ( Cikara )

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    turn being a major part of social interactions, coordinated activity, and cooperation toward shared goals. Thus, de Waal (2008) discusses the three different levels of empathy, among which are emotional contagion, sympathetic concern, and empathic perspective-taking. Firstly, emotional contagion is simply about automatic sharing as the individual takes on the emotional state of another even without any understanding of the other (de Waal, 2008). Next, de Waal (2008) suggests sympathetic concern is

  • An Analysis of White Teeth by Zadie Smith

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    She earns her awards through an expansive, almost manic style that she makes her own, which is why it earns its placement into the genre coined hysterical realism (Wood). In studying the many parts that make up her style, we can gain a better appreciation for what made Zadie Smith jump from an English undergraduate student in Cambridge to the literary darling she is today (O' Grady). The

  • Cognitive Abilities And Personality Or Behavioral Styles

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    talent acquisition, which solely stems from human resources (H.R.) practices. The supplementary selected article titled: “Organizational Hiring Patterns, Interfirm Network Ties, and Interorganizational Imitation” proposes implications of social contagion, institutional theories to H.R. management and its indicative situational attributes that all Industrial and Organizational (I-O) practitioners and psychologists curiosity should continuously be sought out (Williamson & Cable, 2003). Additionally

  • Unnatural Play Analysis

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    This was portrayed throughout the play. This fear of contagion was shown when Martha, Karen, and Karen’s fiancé Joe, attempted to talk to Mrs. Tilford about the reason for all the children leaving the school. However, Mrs. Tilford refused to let them inside her house. She states, “You shouldn’t have come here”

  • Somnambulism In Macbeth

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    If the tragedy was to be read in the light of modern psychopathology the interpretation will be found that Lady Macbeth is an accurate example of portraying the disease hysteria. It has been demonstrated that there is a rigid determinism in the mental world and that psychophysical processes are the result of a certain chain of causation of either conscious or unconscious. It has been repeatedly demonstrated that the resistance offered by the memory of emotional experience may sometimes be so great

  • Collective Behavior and the Assertion of Individuality: A Study

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    One of the facets of living within civilized society is that there are certain norms and social conventions that people must follow. Frequently, there is a large effort on the part of government, financial, and social institutions to keep people doing most of the same thing as others going to work, driving cars, buying homes, etc. Despite the fact that people engage in these efforts individually, the simple fact that they are all attempting to do the same thing, in much the same way, is indicative

  • Dracula And The Female Sexuallity As Disease

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    Dracula and Carmilla Female Sexuallity as Disease In the two classic gothic vampire tales, Carmilla and Dracula, both novels have similarities through their displays of sexuality. Sexuallity isn’t just displaying sexual intentions towards other people. The two novels explore how vampirism represents female sexuality as a disease through different means. In Carmilla, the character of Carmilla’s vampirism is linked with disease because she has bitten Laura, one of her many victims, and fed off of her

  • The War Of The United States

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    At the start of the First World War the citizens of the United States were deeply divided on if the country should be involved and if so how much. Thanks to the mass amounts of immigrants that had established what was now a great nation America had become a country made from a diverse and multi-cultural fabric. This led to many opinions and views on the war effort. On the side that was against the war there were many out-spoken citizens that took to the streets and voiced their concerns. The government’s

  • Comparison Vs Pratchett

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    take journeys and learn moralistic lessons, think of Seuss’s “The Lorax “ versus Pratchett’s “The Hogfather,” for example. Both famed authors characters are humorous, and the brilliant minds which created them, leaches from the page as though a contagion, making you want to devour more, urging you to learn to read for