I Cried

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  • Essay On Self Confidence

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    became the complete opposite of what I hoped he would be. I soon realized that he was a two faced liar and one of the most awful people I have ever met. Little did my ten year old self know he would be the downfall of my self confidence and he would slowly destroy any passion I had for the sport I loved all with only a few words. At the age of ten I was the most energetic, go-lucky, confident girl. I excelled at my beloved sport, soccer. I had been playing since I was just a mere five years old, far

  • My First Day At School

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    I cried and cried but my mom insisted, “You have to go.” I whined back, “ I don’t want to!” Everyone was already in the car ready to go, and I refused to leave my home for eight hours without my mom there with me. I eventually gave in and got in the car with my older sister, and brother. The year was 2010 and it was the first day of first grade. The thought of leaving my mom everyday terrified me. My brother and sister were already in the car ready to go, as I whined to my mom about how it wasn’t

  • My Father : A Short Story

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    was the first day that I would never see my father again. I no longer felt the comfort of the sound of the trickling water through the walls when he would shower and the feeling of accomplishment when I could make him belly laugh. I had gone to work for the night and, half way through my shift a police officer came in. The police officer took my boss outside to speak with him. My co-workers and I joked around about who it was gonna be. I assured them that it was not anything I had done. When my boss

  • Personal Narrative Essay : The Most Embarrassing Day Of My Life

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    Nighttime came all too quickly. I was in my purple-painted room, laboriously working on my homework while sitting on my bed—my designated desk since I didn’t actually have one. Outside my door, my mom was bustling about in the kitchen looking for who knows what and my little brother was probably in his room secretly playing some sort of online game. It was a typical evening. Normally my dad would be home watching sports whatever, but instead, he was at his annual one-week long fishing trip with my

  • My Love Story

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    I loved Bob with all my heart, or as much as you could love someone in 1252 in England as a female. I have told you about Bob before, haven’t I? He knew everything about me-from my favorite color to my deepest secrets. We did everything together, too; we went to the pond together, we went to the market together, we even ate together. We always exchanged “I love you” whenever we saw each other, and everyone thought we would eventually get married. He cared about me, and I cared about him. We

  • Personal Narrative Essay

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    I ride my bike around my neighbourhood five times every Sunday night. I enjoy the routine of the same distance, at the same time, on the same day. It’s calming. Last night was different though. I wanted to push myself to the absolute limit. I wanted to ride until my legs burned, and then some. It’s the only time I’m ever alone with my thoughts, you know? Anyway, last night while I was biking around my neighborhood, something caught my eye as I rode by the trees that separate two roads. There was

  • Reflection Paper On Being A Nurse

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    finish. When I look back I can’t believe how far we’ve all come in such a short amount of time. I used to struggle with taking blood pressure and now I think I could do it in my sleep. I used to be so afraid that I would screw up and kill my patient because I misheard something (honestly, I still am) but now it’s easier to get out of my head and be confident in my ability. I’m thankful for all the hours that my professors and clinical instructor put in to help me learn the practical skills I need to go

  • My Name Is Moonstone, And This Is My Story

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    My name is Moonstone, and this is my story. “Spirit, wait up!” I called, racing outside to greet my best friend. She wore purple everyday. Her shirt was purple with yellow flowers and she was wearing black pants, and of course, the blue scarf around her sightless eyes. “Hi.” She said back. I kicked some dust, bored. “Did you clean your necklace like I told you too?” She said. I sighed. “Yes, I did. The black and red almost glows, it’s so clean.” Spirit smiled, and held out hers, it was a swirl

  • War Essay

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    their parents’s death when an insurgent attack badly bombing the house where they live in. * * * I remember the first time when my older sister left our family to study aboard for such a long time. It was a normal night—dinner was served at 6:30, everyone took their own seat—except there was a weird silence during dinner. No one would like to talk but have dinner quietly. I knew that my older sister cried when she said goodbye to us at the airport. It was her and also mine fist time being apart from

  • Personal Statement : ' Crap '

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    “Crap! What have I done?” That is all that came to mind as I heard the wood splinter and crack. I did not even care about the puddle of blood that was beginning to form under my leg. In fact, I was not even conscious of it. All I could think about was how much trouble I was going to be in when my parents found out. It has been almost two years since I got into that crash. It happened on a Saturday night when I was supposed to be at home and in my bed. My parents, who were going out to a concert