I Feel Free

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  • The Freedom Of The United States

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    definitions. I can define the word freedom as liberty, independence, acting spontaneously, expressing yourself with no fears, being positive and making your own choices. All people in the entire world like to be free with no barrier or any kind of obstacles, emotionally and physically. Human beings deserve to be free and live their life with no struggles. The most moment I felt entirely free is when I went back home to my country, Morocco, to visit my family after a period living in the U.S. I personally

  • A Short Story : A Story?

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    "Lucian", he replies. In a haze of hashish smoke, I down another cup and we part ways, looking out the window as the faithful emerge into the streets and the beat of life resumes. I button up my new coat and head downstairs. As fate would have it, a taxi is awaiting me in the alleyway. "Where to", he asks in broken english. I realize that I had not acquired any address. "Do you know of a place called Art Bar", I ask, and he gives me a rather coy smile and begins to drive, as though he had ventured

  • When I Move They Judge ': When I Move They Judge'

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    When I move they judge. When I eat they judge. When I speak they judge, scheming their next power fix. Their victory slices my confidence boosting their ego at my expense. They feed off me like a vampire feeling energised and proud, leaving me to feel drained and tense. To them it is a game, but to me they are parasites, boosting themselves at costs to others . Maybe I don’t understand. Maybe they don't understand. But I do know that I’d rather be me. They are dull inside needing these external

  • Essay about What Home Means to Me

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    you live, secondly, the place where you were born or you feel you belong. On the other hand, the dictionary also defines it as a place where people are looked after. The first meaning of the word home would not apply to me as I only have lived in Dubai, The United Arab Emirates for four years as compared to the seven years in Marseille, France. Although I hail from Algeria, a country in the North of Africa, yet I yearn for my home in Marseille. The last characterization

  • Tom Traving Harvey

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    The type of this book is action, mystery. The plot of the story takes place in Peru, South America. Though the author does not specify a year, based on the technology used in the story ( airplanes, computers, guns, cars etc) we can assume it took place roughly in the late 1900 – Early 2000. There are three main characters presented in the book. Tom Trelawney, Harvey Trelawney, and Otto Gonzalez. Tom Trelawney is a brave, curios, and well hearted boy. He lives with his family in Connecticut

  • Ethos: I Wish I Knew How It Would Feel To Be Free

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    ability to understand the message implied to them and the effect this may cause on them. I chose to focus my selection on a particular time frame, the civil rights movement, as this would be a crucial time where people were looking fro inspiration and morale to fight for a cause. My song choice is “I Wish I Knew How It Would Feel to be Free” by Nina Simone and written by Billy Taylor ad Richard Caroll Lamb. I believe

  • My Family Group Essay

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    I belong to many different primary and secondary groups. Some of the primary groups I belong to are, my family group, my close friends and my religious beliefs. I also belong to many secondary groups. They are my distant family relatives, my workplace and my classmates. In my family group the members include my mother, Amanda McDougall, my father, Chris Lee, my brother, Jayden Lee and myself, Mackenzie Lee. I love every member in this group with all my heart. Every member also has a very important

  • Literary Analysis Of Emily Dickinson's 'To A Heart In Sea'

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    done with the compass and with the chart in the last two lines. She is giving up all control for this person, she is free to love and to be loved. She does not need a compass or a chart because she is not looking for anything anymore. She has found her love and her voyage is now over. She has found her “Wild Night”. ID #4 they don’t fit into little petty places, these hips are free hips. Lucille Clifton’s “homage to my hips,” is all about women’s empowerment. Throughout the poem, we see this reoccurring

  • Hills Like White Elephants By Ernest Hemmingway

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    clear that neither are truly listening to what the other is saying making it obvious that each has something much bigger on their mind that they know they must address but neither are yet comfortable with bringing up the topic. This is initially what I figured the hills symbolized when that girl compares them to white elephants. There is definitely an elephant in the room. A Major problem that must be given attention despite the extreme discomfort it may bring, but the two are not yet comfortable to

  • Hills Like White Elephants And Jig's Relationship

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    all.’” where the two talk of the operation used to induce a miscarriage, a topic that tends to only be breached between trusted individuals; although this excerpt does not determine the nature of their relationship. However, in tandem with “‘And if I do it you’ll be happy and things will be like they were and you’ll love me?’”, it is more likely that