I Hate Myself

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  • I Was A Friend On Facebook Essay

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    When I added you as a friend on Facebook, I was criticized and advised we had nothing in common. Yet, none of that mattered to me as I was always down for another friend. We began hanging at the lake and quickly discovered that we had everything in common. You became my best friend! I knew I could tell you anything, and I did. Sometime around the middle of October, something unfortunate happened in my life. Being the introvert that I am, I never told a soul even though I desperately wanted to do

  • Descriptive Essay - Hatched Roof The Height Of The House Of Cats

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    debauched luxury. But to me, it’s home. After cleaning the blood from my face in one of the outdoor fountains, I sneak in the kitchen’s back door, keeping my throbbing nose to the ground. The pain is so fierce; it even aches in my teeth. A few of cosmetics will help with the inevitable bruises, but if my face is

  • My Dreaded Enemy, My Dearest Friend

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    Dreaded Enemy, My Dearest Friend On a cold Sunday morning in February, I woke up dreading the day. I had an essay to write, three pages of math homework to do, and two biology packets to copy. Four days later I would be having lunch with my mom, none of my homework done, telling her about the past three days I lived without her. *** “Mikayla? Mikayla, can you hear me?” The harsh, bright lights of my bathroom burned my retinas and a man I didn’t recognize came into focus. He looked like the perfect beach:

  • Theme Of Symbolism In Snowball Berry Red

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    Чудак translates to “odd person.” A чудак is a person that goes in a different direction than the rest of society. Vasily Shukshin’s character of Egor Prokudin in Snowball Berry Red is a perfect example of a чудак. Shukshin began life on a collective farm then moved to town and worked in construction. Then the navy drafted him; there he began his acting and directing experience. Throughout his life, he was torn between his Siberian peasant roots and his urban life in film. This theme of up-rootedness

  • The Physical Pain Of The Worst Pain

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    Up to now, I have only described the physical pain. Which as it turns out was and is not even close to being the worst pain. The worst pain resides way back in that dark place you do not want to go, because you know if you allow yourself to crawl there, you may never come back. All along the way, through this journey through pain, I have always allowed time to beat myself up and question everything about whom, why and how come I made the choices I have made. I questioned my manhood. I questioned

  • Summary Of The Diary Of A Wimpy Kid

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    the title of the book series suggests, it’s about a wimpy kid who goes through many unfortunate events. I have preserved the name of the characters, while changing some of the personalities. Some of the plot has also been changed. “When life gives you lemons, make lemonade.” What if you have no sugar? It’ll just be sour. All I hear is “Oh, it will be fine,” or “Things will get better,” but I know well enough it won’t. I’ve been bullied, I’ve been beat, I’ve been framed, I’ve been laughed at. It

  • Naruto Alternate Ending Essay

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    Well, neither do I. The voice crashed upon the walls of the cavern, causing rock and dust to fall from the ceiling. The voice was ancient and from the slight intones, Naruto could tell that the voice’s creator wanted something. And taking a few steps forward, Naruto could

  • A Short Story : A Write Story?

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    Beep! Beep! Be- “uuhhhhhhhhhhhhhgg” Why do I have to do this. I know my way around the house already. I mean I’ll stay out of the areas that I’m afraid that child-killing maniacs are camping out in. I just wanna stay home, be with mom. Anything but New Mexico with Nana and Papa. Plus I don’t even know anybody in town so it’s not like anyone’s trying to break into our own house. “Izzy-yyyyy! Get out of bed it’s time to go.” “I am out of bed mom!” Ha she won’t notice that I’m just on my rug. “Get

  • Welcome To My Life. Why do I hate myself? Hmmm, let’s start from the beginning shall we? My

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    Welcome To My Life. Why do I hate myself? Hmmm, let’s start from the beginning shall we? My birth mother. No, she didn’t run off. No, she didn’t abuse me. She had sex with my birth father and made me. The problem, though, wasn’t my birth. The problem was the fact that I was their second child. Again, no, I don’t live in the shadow of a dominant older sibling. It’s not like that at all. The problem, my dear friend, is the simple fact that the bitch couldn’t keep one kid. Now tell me, why the hell

  • Shakespeare's The Taming Of The Farew And The Taming Of The Shrew

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    adaptation ‘10 Things I Hate About You’, and Franco Zeffirelli’s 1967 version of ‘The Taming of the Shrew’. Both films show elements of similar society ideologies, such as masculinity and femininity which are portrayed through the main characters; Katherine, Kat, Petruchio and Patrick. Some characters show signs of severe misogynistic characteristics, for example, as the dominant Petruchio ‘tames’ the dominant Katherine until she is submissive. To help corroborate with this is the quote “For I am be born to