I Love Lucy

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  • I love Lucy: Lucy Ball

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    “If you’ve never failed, you’ve never lived.” (“If you've never failed, you've never lived”-video) This video and short statement entails that life is about taking risks and learning from one’s mistakes. Without life’s mistakes, people wouldn’t have the motivation to become better. Failure is a part of life. Failure allows the term, “When you fall, you get back up” come into play, allowing individuals to realize that it is a natural part of life to lose at something; one must simply get back up and

  • Analysis Of ' I Love Lucy '

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    What are audience of this text persuaded to believe, think, or do and how is this persuasion accomplished? I love Lucy is one of the most popular and legendary television shows from the 50 's with a large audience. As well as it has played an important role on the basic element of the sitcom genre. The fame of this comedy show is for the skills of the actors like Lucille Ball (Lucy) and Ricky Ricardo. This show is about the daily life of marriage. Through this show the audience can relate to middle-class

  • Analysis Of I Love Lucy

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    Rewinding back to the 1950’s, I Love Lucy was one of the most popular sitcoms on television. There were two main characters and they happen to be married. The husband’s name was Ricky and the wife’s name is Lucy. Ricky is a talented singer and part of a band. On the other hand, his wife strives to be famous and share her talents with the world. Her husband claims that she has no talent and she would be better off staying at home to be a housewife. Throughout the show, Lucy finds herself getting into

  • Analysis Of I Love Lucy

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    Lucille Ball has rightfully earned the nickname the ultimate trickster by her character’s depiction through the popular 50s comedian show, I Love Lucy. For six seasons, it was aired on CBS consistently receiving the #1 rank show for six years straight. The show and Lucille’s character was one of the most successful products television has broadcasted to the society. America was experiencing a postwar era in the 1950s, a devastation that occurred to the economy and the society after World War II ended

  • Analysis Of I Love Lucy

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    The I Love Lucy Show was broadcasted in the 1950s based in New York, it was a family based show that featured a loving, yet comical couple Lucy and Ricky Ricardo, later in the series they became parents to Ricky Ricardo Jr. The show also included Fred and Ethel Mertz who were the neighbors, friends and also the landlords of Lucy and Ricardo.The couple joined them on different episodes as supporting characters adding to the storyline. I Love Lucy was the first influential and also successful sitcom

  • Movie Analysis : I Love Lucy

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    On Monday, January 19, 1953, I Love Lucy made history. It was the night Americas favorite Hollywood couple Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz gave birth to their second child. But, it was also the night Americas favorite fictional couple, Lucy and Ricky Ricardo, were giving birth to their first on the CBS hit, I Love Lucy. The show, already living in its reign as the number one show on American television, managed to receive forty-four million views on the episode, “Lucy Goes to the Hospital,” making it

  • The Show I Love Lucy Essay

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    story with a beginning, a middle, and a happy end. One of the most popular of these shows, I Love Lucy, continues to appeal to both young and old some forty years later -- and counting. For most people, the answer to how I Love Lucy continually and effectively draws viewers to the screen is that "It’s funny." There is more to this funny show than meets the eye. For television viewers of the fifties, Lucy and Ricky could have been familiar neighbors from down the street. People could relate to this

  • Pregnancy And Sex In I Love Lucy

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    “Lucy, you've got some 'splaining to do!” If you are anything like me, you can hear Ricky Ricardo's iconic voice and as you express this most quotable line, you are impersonating Mr. Ricky Ricardo. I Love Lucy is one of the most legendary and most famous situation comedies of all time, maintaining its ability to appeal audience even half a century later. The television show follows the life of Lucy Ricardo (Lucille Ball), a goofy woman of the house in the 1950s as she attempts to break into show

  • Analysis Of Color And I Love Lucy

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    Color & Lighting: How To Get Away With Murder & I Love Lucy How To Get Away With Murder, a modern 2015 law and murder television drama, and I Love Lucy, a 1951 live audience comedic sitcom, hold many differences in regards to color and lighting usage. However, if thoroughly analyzed similarities can be discovered. In the season finale of How To Get Away With Murder, the director makes great use of color by means of transitional color, surrealism, color as a symbol, special effect colors, atmospheric

  • I Love Lucy

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    It allows further insight into the complexity of human emotions. I Love Lucy shows the interaction between human feeling and work placement as a single housewife in the 1950’s; “…each of Lucy’s temporary occupations requires her to put on a costume and act like someone else, as if to suggest the new instability in the post-industrial