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  • Idiocracy Analysis

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    Idiocracy For a movie that had almost no marketing done for it and was released in theaters in only six cities, Mike Judge’s Idiocracy, released in 2006, has become an extremely successful movie. Fox sat on the movie for over a year before finally releasing it in theaters. It didn’t even have so much as a movie trailer or an official movie poster. When Idiocracy did finally hit the theaters, the movie was only shown for two weeks. And shortly after that it went right to DVD, still without much marketing

  • Summary Of The Movie Idiocracy

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    The 2006 movie “Idiocracy,” starring Luke Wilson as corporate Joe Bauer presents a different outcome than what humanity expects the future to be. Joe Bauer works for the U.S military as a Liberian and due to the fact he has an average life, he is chosen to be a part of a top secret experiment with another subject. The other subject is a prostitute known as Rita, who agrees to be part of the experiment in exchange that she gets to be a prostitute without any consequences. Rita is played by Maya Rudolph

  • Idiocracy

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    For my movie essay, I chose to write about Idiocracy. Idiocracy is a movie directed by Mike Judge that was released in 2006. It stared actors Luke Wilson, Maya Rudolph, and Dax Shepard in a comedic science fiction that takes a different outlook, than most other movies, on what the future will hold for humankind. Idiocracy begins, in 2005, with a U.S. army Officer named Collins, played by Mike McCafferty, who is the head of a top secret project known as, The Human Hibernation Experiment. This project

  • Movie Idiocracy

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    with the movie Idiocracy. Even though we have made, good improvements with technology and growing our economy throughout the last few years. There have also been changes to the way people act and use the resources that we have today. Some of these being the type of foods being produced, the way we use technology, and also the way we speak. While watching the movie I was able to think more about how it related to the way people act today and I believe that we are heading into an Idiocracy. The main reason

  • Idiocracy Analysis

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    Idiocracy Mike Judge chose to express his societal critique through the medium of movies, and thus demonstrates his critique on the growing stupidity of the human race in his movie Idiocracy. Judge’s movie portrays to us America 500 years in the future, however, society does the opposite of expected and devolves instead of getting better. Moreover, as the name suggests, the America within Idiocracy does not have any intelligent people at all, but rather is filled with complete morons. As an example

  • Idiocracy Movie Essay

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    The movie Idiocracy, directed by Mike Judge, takes place in the year 2505, where the world has drastically changed from now. People have gotten so dumb that someone of average intelligence from today, is two times smarter than everyone else in 2505. In Idiocracy, the main character, Joe Bauers, wakes up to a world that in centered around consumerism. In this society the media constantly is around people, telling them to purchase more and to obtain more stuff. The way that companies market their products

  • A Comparison Of The MovieWALL-E And Idiocracy

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    depicted by the movie, “WALL-E” and “Idiocracy,” where humans live in a dystopian age which is filled by waste and trash. (good introduction, catches reader’s attention)  With both movies raising awareness about environmental problems and pollution to their audience. However, “WALL-E” and “Idiocracy” both use very different strategies to communicate their intentions. “WALL-E” used an animation while using minimal use of dialogue, thus making it family friendly. “Idiocracy” on the other hand, uses comedy

  • The Link Between Idiocracy And Rituals Essay

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    Idiocracy revolves around a man named Joe Bauers, definition of an “Ordinary American” who works as U.S Army librarian; he is selected by the force for a top secret human hibernation experiment. The examination is overlooked when the officer in control is captured for having begun his own prostitution ring under Upgrayedd 's guidance. As he wakes up 500 years in future he finds the society so staggeringly stupefied that he 's effortlessly the most intelligent individual alive. For this particular

  • Technology In WALL-E And Idiocracy

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    their works, and entertain themselves. The movies, WALL-E (2008) and Idiocracy (2006), both convey the theme of how technology negatively affects the behaviors of humans in the future. In the movie, people are less intelligent, more dependent on technology and neglect their surroundings. Both movies did a great job in presenting this theme, but WALL-E is more successful because the technology use and impact is more severe. In Idiocracy technology isn’t everything, but in WALL-E, people rely and function

  • Satire In Huxley's Brave New World And Idiocracy

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    Satire is the use of humor, mockery, or other ways to expose the topic to provoke others to desire the revision or prevention of the satirical display from becoming reality. Despite Brave New World and Idiocracy revealing satirical subjects of conditions within the social and political system, Idiocracy exhibits the exaggeration in a clearer view to trigger reactions from viewers. In the book, Brave New World, the satirization on the topic of family reveals a standard of living where familial bonds