Imperial Guard

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  • Short Story Of Duddakub

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    and blew his breath at the Imperial Guard. The Boar was

  • The End Of The Emperor Essay

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    artillery began to die down, and I thought we were finally able to make our first move. My hopes were dispelled as I begun to stand up, because we were ordered to get down to our knees. I realized that we were about to face the cavalry of Napoleon’s Imperial Guard. Any chances of surviving on the front line were very slim, and that’s where I was. As I braced myself for the impact of the calvary, I watched the onrushing wave of horses stampeding towards us. But this was no wild stampede, it was an organized

  • France And Versailles : A Comparison Of Versailles In Versailles

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    bank of the Berezina. We have been tracking the build-up since Polotsk; god only knows how the Cossacks and the Russian guns continue to pursue us in this. Our rifle chambers are frozen solid and our sabers will not clear their scabbards. Half the guard left them miles ago. Pierre bet me his last good boot that he’d be back in Paris in time for Noël. He wails from across the clearing as the surgeon removes his legs, the price of his patriotism staining the pure white snow, beneath the blue uncaring

  • A Peaceful Day Of A Crummy Condo

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    It was a peaceful day in a crummy condo. Kade and I were sitting in his room. An hour of AP Social Studies homework and 7th grade English homework in when a gust of wind came through the closed window. How do I put this, there was a noise. A very dim, subtle noise. A ZING,ssive, easygoing way, and the women said to us in a soft, calm voice, “We are your parents, we want to take you home”. My brother and I were abandoned when he was 6 months old. One morning my father was making me chocolate chip

  • Camira Lawrence: A Narrative Fiction

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    wretched hell-like planet. Almost everyone. All except one person. One girl. Camira Lawrence. Camira Lawrence was sitting on top of a house with a gravel roof, enjoying the darkness. To most people, they would never be out at night due to all the Imperials around, but Camira always found her way around them. While people were dreaming, she was living, or trying to anyways. Living in Capital city and then

  • One Last Chance at Friendship

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    the gang abandoned him. Why did they leave me Happy cried. Elsewhere’s at the Magic Councils Prison. I am Erza Scarlet of Fairy Tail here to see the prisoner Jellal Fernandes Erza says with her usual tact and self restrain to the guard. Right this way Miss Scarlet the guard said. I

  • Release Me from My Prison Essay

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    It felt like to me as if the days seemed to trudge on, never getting anywhere. I sat up at my desk and checked on my Company e-mail again as I’d been doing about twice a minute for the past two hours. All of the mail that had collected overnight had been dealt with and there was little left to do, though I couldn’t go home for another hour and a half. I got up and began to pace around my office. The walls of the office were done in a tan color that contrasted with the short, dark brown carpeting

  • Analysis Of The Movie ' Exit The King '

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    was a complete production that felt well explored and executed. The play itself is a somewhat dark look into the fall of a king, his kingdom and final hours of his life. This much darker subject matter is balanced with comic relief provided by the guard, the maid and occasional banter of the king’s two wives. A well flushed out script that examines such a timeless struggle as the delicate balance of life and death poses immense challenge for those involved. While this challenge occasionally made itself

  • True Teleportation During An Experiment At Work

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    caught me off guard. Nevertheless, the light was my only point to go on, so I began my short journey back to civilization. Nearing the edge of what now felt like a forest, I found my way to the lighthouse. Close by sat the small town, which came to me quickly compared to my trek through the marsh. The guard stopped me before I could walk through the gate. Confused, I took a glance backwards. I was a well distinguished individual in my local community, and it was quite atypical for the guard to stop almost

  • Personal Narrative

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    and opened it slowly only to be thrown back by a large guard in black tactical gear. Lightly dazed from the impact, I played possum for a moment, so the guard can lower his weapon. When he grabbed me from my arm without hesitation, I forcibly yanked him down and constricted my arm around his neck between my bicep and forearm. Then, I tightly compressed with all my power like an anaconda would squeeze his prey before consumption. Finally, the guard stopped moving around and lost all consciousness. I