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  • The Importance of Children's Play

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    The importance of play in young children cannot be stressed enough. It has be shown numerous times through research the benefits that play can have. When you think of children playing it brings a smile to your face. The importance of play definitely plays a big role in a child’s life especially between the ages of 5 to 7. What does “play” mean? There are many different types of definitions because everyone “plays” differently. Play “engage in activity for enjoyment and recreation rather than a

  • Importance Of Social Play

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    Introduction Importance of Research: Social play allows for repeated practice of skills such as cooperation, adaptation and sharing, which leads to increased social competence (Newton & Jenvey 2011) Social play shows that a child (Findlay, Girardi & Coplan 2006): Is motivated to engage with other children in play Is able to regulate emotional arousal Possesses the skills needed to initiate interactions with others More frequent active play is associated with (Brockman, Jago & Fox 2010): Higher

  • The Importance Of Play In The NICU

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    Play, in the NICU setting, was quite different than the general hospital floors, as the patients should not be exposed to substantial amounts of stimuli, noise, or light. The general goal of the NICU is to permit the infants to grow and develop in an appropriate environment. Despite the variances, I incorporated play into my delivery of care in four ways – therapeutic touch, toys, movement, and communication. Therapeutic touch played a major component in the NICU, as these infants still desire the

  • The Importance Of Play With Toys

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    prudent with the toys their children to play with. Playing is important to children. Play is one of the main ways children learn and toys are tools that help encourage that. Play with toys is extremely beneficial in ways people fail to realize. For example toys help teach motor skills and social skills and help them build creativity and exercise their muscles. Creativity in children is also developed during play. Children who get time off other duties to play become more attentive especially in their

  • The Importance Of Play Development Of Children

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    the relevance of play in the development of children, in terms of physical, social, intellectual and emotional growth. This essay also compares and contrast the different socio-cultural perspective of play between the Philippines and New Zealand. In addition, this essay connects to Urie Bronfenbrenner and Jean Piaget theories on play and link it to the New Zealand early childhood curriculum – Te Whariki. The play is an important part of the development of a child. As children play, it is substantially

  • The Importance Of Dramatic Play In The Classroom

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    The first chapter discussed the importance of dramatic play in the classroom and how it develops creativity and imagination through providing children with the freedom to express themselves how they deem fit. Dramatic play is a critical aspect that must be incorporated into curriculum because it is the student’s way to understand and deal with the world. As students begin to develop they will model behaviors in which they observe. An example of this would be, students are provided with a doctor cart

  • The Importance Of Gestalt Play Therapy

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    Child- centered play therapy sees development as flowing, fluid, and maturing process of becoming. Within child-centered play therapy, personality structure is centered on three ideas: the person, the phenomenal field, and the self. The person of a child is everything that they are; behaviors, feelings, thoughts, and their physical beings. Simply stated that as a child goes through life they make organized changes, as one part is changed based on an experience other parts are also altered. Making

  • The Importance of Scaffolding in Children’s Play

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    learning by enabling them achieve a level of ability beyond the child’s capacity at the time (Scarlett, 2005). This essay will discuss how scaffolding facilitates and supports meaning making in children’s play. First, the essay will briefly introduce the concept of scaffolding and its importance in children’s development. The essay will then explore various early childhood educational theories that support or acknowledge the role played by scaffolding, the view of children as learners

  • The Importance Of Play On Child Development

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    Introduction to the Issues and Literature Review Play is an important part of children’s development, as it helps us to understand their emotional, social, and physical/motor development. Interaction during play, or lack their of, can help to explain a child’s temperance, their comprehension of social rules, and their understanding of others (Allen, 2008; Franklin, 2000; Rothbart and Jones, 1998). Physical and motor movements in play can depict a child’s sensory tolerance and preferences (Williamson

  • Importance of Play in Early Childhood

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    Play is an important part of children’s life that keeps them healthy both physically and mentally. It is a way through which children explore their imagination, build various skills required for their development in different areas. In this essay, importance of play in children’s learning and development is discussed in relation to Piaget’s cognitive theory, Vygotsky socio-cultural theory and Te Whaariki. Moreover, the teacher’s role and strategies used in encouraging the play-based curriculum in