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  • The Importance Of Independent Learning

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    Introduction Independent learning has become the necessary studying ability for most of postgraduate students in higher education. Universities increasingly emphasis the importance of making graduates “workplace ready”, and promote independent learning, particularly as students progress through their studies .( Choy, S., Bowman, K., Billet, S., Haukka, S. and Wignall, L., 2008) However, many postgraduate students show their weakness to achieve this ability and wondering about how to achieve it.

  • Why It Is Important That I Understand What Independent Learning Is?

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    what independent learning is? Holec H (1981: P.3) states that independent learning is the ability to take charge of one’s learning. In his view it is being able to make informed choices and take responsibility for your own learning activities. He says two important elements which are vital for the success of learning independently. He argues that motivation and being confident are key elements to take decisions independently and act on them. However, there are different approach to learning and

  • The Importance Of Open And Independent Learning

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    In a school where you have full curricular freedom, what classes would you take? Both open curriculum, the ability to choose what classes you intend on taking this year, and independent learning are great opportunities for students looking for a different approach. According to Bright Knowledge, independent learning is when an individual is able to think, act and pursue their own studies autonomously, without the same levels of support you receive from a teacher at school. Some may argue students

  • Why It Is Important That I Understand What Independent Learning

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    understand what independent learning is” “Independent learning skills are one of the secrets to success” (DAVIS & OWEN, 2009 in FIELD, R., DUFFY, J. & HUGGINS A. p: 1) As the author Meyer inform us there are many definitions for the term of “Independent learning” (MEYER et al, 2008). One of this terms is called “self-directed learning” but is more likely to use the term “self-regulated learning” instead (MEYER et al, 2008 p: 2). According to Michael Grahame Moore “Independent learning is an educational

  • Behavior Intervention Plan For Student 's Identifying Information

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    ten-year-old boy who attends 4th grade at North Bergen Elementary School. N.E is a very intelligent and creative boy that needs extra help to achieve his academic and social skills. He has little motivation for school achievement, with problems in independent reading, math and classroom behavior. He demonstrates a poor approach in working in a group, usually instead of working on assigned task, he talks to somebody when it is prohibited, playing with his hands or objects, making noises, calling out and

  • Effects of Living in a Foreign Country Essay

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    then that you have started to appreciate everything you had back where you belong. The second main effect would be learning how to accept another type of society and culture into your daily life. Since you are living in a place with different customs and traditions from yours, you have to be able to develop yourself in unknown conditions. This means making new friends, learning other points of view, accepting different opinions and values, and seizing every opportunity you have to go to new places

  • The Effects Of Mass Media And Communication On The Society

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    an individual to have an illusory perception of the life reality based on the most consistent and repetitive message that is given in this media (Fourie, 2011). The Media Message “Those cheap home loans may be built on shaky foundation” by The Independent on Tuesday 04 November 2014 The article addressed itself to the issue of introduction of a mortgage loan that is offered at an interest rate that is less than one per cent in the UK mortgage market. According to the article, HSBC, which is one

  • Ralph Nader’s Life Lesson in The Seventeen Traditions

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    Through the key traditions outlined in the book, Nader looks back at his Lebanese background and childhood experiences that directly shaped his worldview. This review analyses some of the most significant traditions in the book such as family table, independent thinking, health, and business. These key traditions will also be vital in discussing the strengths and weaknesses of the book. Nader’s book has really achieved its principal purpose, which is to educate the society on some of the values and traditions

  • A Comparison of Newspapers

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    A Comparison of Newspapers There are two main types of newspapers, tabloids and broadsheets. The tabloid focuses on people and often reports on celebrities. Some types of tabloids include The People, Daily Star, The Mirror, The Sun, News of The World and Daily Sport. Tabloid papers are usually read

  • A Report On Samsung Corporation

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    matter, “(…) with respect to some projects in which the percentage-of-completion method was used, among others.” (pg.13). As a result of the report order from SESC (Securities and Exchange Surveillance Commission), on May 8, 2015, Toshiba formed an Independent Investigation Committee to proceed with the investigation. The committee was integrated by a Koichi Ueda (Committee Chairman), Hideki Matsui (Committee Member), Taigi Ito (Committee Member) and Kazuyasu Yamada (Committee Member). And the issues