Indian Creek

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  • Essay Southeastern Creek Indians

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    Southeastern Creek Indians By the 17th century the Muscoggee members migrated from west of the Mississippi to inhabit the areas of Georgia and Alabama were English traders first encountered the Muscoggee. The English called them Creeks; it appears that they lived in by the creeks and streams of Alabama in addition to Georgia. Creek Nation was the most powerful Indian political unit in North America with the exception of the Iroquois Confederacy of upper New York. In the early 18th century the

  • Town Creek Indian Mound Analysis

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    field trip to Town Creek Indian Mound in Mount Gilead, North Carolina. Having never been to the North Carolina Historical Site before, many of the children had a variety of questions to ask. “During what time period did Native Americans live here?” asked the young girl in the fourth-grade class. Others asked, “What culture of Native Americans resided here in the past,” “What is the purpose of the different mounds and huts,” “What is the black drink,” and “Why is the Town Creek Indian Mound important

  • The Sand Creek Massacre And The Cheyenne Indians

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    Civil War began between the United States Army and the Cheyenne Indians. The Sand Creek Massacre, where the humans who lived in times of trouble and tribulations against one another. The Sand Creek Massacre took many lives of children, women, and men. The United States Army went to war with the Cheyenne Indians with no warning. The Cheyenne Indians were surprised at what was happening, but there had been hostility among them since the Indians and Americans had signed the treaty. The brutality that happened

  • Summary Of Closed For The Season And The Dead Man In Indian Creek

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    Mary Downing Hahn has written over 20 books of many genres. She writes ghost, historical fiction, and mystery books. Amazingly, she had a stroke at age 44 and has made a comeback. She is now 79 and has two kids. Dead man in Indian Creek is a drug related murder. It shows Matt Armentrout and his best friend Parker Pettingill finding out about a drug deal in Woodcroft. Next, they find out that Parker’s mom, Pam, and her girlfriend, George Evans, are selling cocaine to a man named Flynn. In Closed for

  • Analysis Of Muscogee Creek Nation Indian Health Center

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    Muscogee Creek Nation Indian health clinic and medical center provide health care to patients with a tribal card. The agency has an emergency room, operating room, medical surgical inpatient hospital floor, primary adult care, pediatric primary care, gynecologist, pharmacy, lab, radiology unit, diabetic center, urgent care, and a rehabilitation center. The care through these centers is paid for by the United States Government and the patients receive free health care. Limited availability is experienced

  • Social Construction Of Nature And Environmental Change

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    The assignment this week challenged us to utilize our course objectives to address the requirements of the assignment. The objectives include how to apply the concepts of political ecology to environmental concerns, analyze the link between social, cultural, geographic, cultural, political factors, and environmental change, as well as assess methodological approaches used for research in political ecology. In addition, this assignment will discuss how reserves and national parks have been socially

  • My Experience At Tilden Park

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    the last minute,I decided to go to Lake Anza. I parked my car, walked to the snack bar bought a drink and a chips bag, put on my back bag, then started hiking alone. I hiked up the trail along the lake to go to the part of the Wildcat Creek that feeds into the lake. I hiked up for about twenty minutes and I found myself a comfortable spot in the rocks between all the trees and ate my very late lunch. I just sat there eating my peanut butter jelly sandwich, with salted lays

  • Causes Of The Creek War

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    The Creek War The early 1800s were dark times for the United States. Though free of its rule, the newly-formed nation now had to face Britain once again in the War of 1812. Settlers were moving into the Great Plains and to the West, forcing Native American tribes to relocate. Rising tensions between the U.S. and the native tribes, and conflicts among the tribes themselves, made the perfect conditions for another war. In 1813, tensions finally snapped when a faction of the Creek Indians known as

  • Battle Of Horseshoe Bend Strengths And Weaknesses

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    Jackson had engaged the enemy Creek Indians in previous battles. He was able to learn valuable lessons and make adjustments to ensure that the Battle of Horseshoe Bend achieved his operational objectives and had the desired end state for mission success. Armies cannot sustain or conduct combat operations without effective logistical supply lines. Lack of supplies lead to poor morale and capitulation of forces. Jackson led several campaigns against the Creek Indians prior to the Battle of Horseshoe

  • The War Of The Creek War

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    proved to be a monster for the Natives. After the Creek War, Jackson happily punished the Creeks, whether they be friend or foe. The Creek War was originally an internal conflict between two subsets of the Creek people, but Jackson saw this as an opportunity to force the Natives to cede land. Much of the conflict was between the Lower Creeks, whom Jackson would eventually “ally” with, and the Upper Creeks, A.K.A. the Red Sticks, who, unlike the Lower Creeks, were highly opposed to the U.S. encroachment