Indigenous Australians

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  • Indigenous Australians

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    Aboriginal Spirituality Aboriginal spirituality originally derives from the stories of the dreaming. The dreaming is the knowledge and a sense of belonging that the Aboriginals had of the beginning of life and the relationship to the land and sea (Australian Museum, 2011). The dreaming stories are passed on from one generation to the next orally. These stories teach the following generations how to behave towards the land and other people. The dreaming stories give them a sense of duty to protect the

  • The Rights Of Indigenous Australians

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    of time in Australian history Indigenous Australians were discriminated against, abused and denied their Human Rights. The Bringing Them Home Report significantly advanced the rights of Indigenous Australians as it began the reconciliation process which recognised the injustices which had been done to Indigenous Australians involved in the Stolen Generations, and set out a list of recommendations to create equality in Australia. Whilst an apology was given to the Indigenous Australians the concept

  • The Treatment Of Indigenous Australians

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    Treatment of Indigenous Australians Indigenous Australians are the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander individuals of Australia, plummeted from gatherings that existed in Australia and encompassing islands preceding European colonization. There is incredible assorted qualities among various Indigenous people group and social orders in Australia, each with its own particular blend of societies, traditions and dialects. In present-day Australia these gatherings are further separated into nearby communities

  • Indigenous Discrimination Faced By Indigenous Australians

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    amendment of the discriminatory clauses regarding the Indigenous race within the Australian constitution. Although the 1967 referendum led to the increased awareness of the Indigenous disadvantage, the referendum only had a moderate impact on the advancement of Indigenous rights, due to the slow progression of legislation and implementation of changes that addressed Indigenous disadvantage. Leading up to the 1967 referendum, Indigenous Australians faced many political and social restrictions rendering

  • Indigenous Australians And The Law

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    Indigenous Australians and the Law A current emerging issue in Australian society is the rising representation of Indigenous Australians in prisons across the country. According to the Australian National Council on Drugs, the Aboriginal population is 13 times more likely to end up in jail than the rest of the population (Donovan, 2010). This is despite the Aboriginal population representing only three percent of the total Australian population. In order to combat this problem, a range of legal solutions

  • Australian Indigenous Rights

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    the AAPA, The Native Union, the AAL, the Australian Aborigines Association (AAA), the Euralian Association, and the Aborigines Progressive Association (APA)” (Attwood, 1999). All of these political organizations fought for similar rights for aboriginal people, but they were all fought on local levels. The two organizations that were somewhat successful at becoming national organizations and representing Aborigines throughout Australia were the Australian Aborigines League and the Aborigines Progressive

  • Equality Between Indigenous And Non Indigenous Australians

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    Australia has achieved to a certain extent equality between Indigenous and non-indigenous Australians. While many Aboriginal civil rights have been won, Work still needs to be done to achieve equality between Indigenous and non-Indigenous people. Equality has been achieved for Indigenous Australians from the following events; The right to vote 1962, The 1967 Referendum, Acknowledgement of the stolen Generation 1920s – 1970s, Apology 2008, and Closing the Gap 2008. Due to our varied history, the

  • Health Of Indigenous And Non Indigenous Australians Essay

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    between indigenous and non-indigenous Australians. Indigenous peoples have occupied Australia for more than 60, 000 years, so why are they among the most disadvantaged in our health system? The right to a ‘standard of living adequate for … health and wellbeing’ was established as a basic human right in Article 25.1 of the 1948 Universal Declaration of Human Rights (The Universal Declaration of Human Rights). However, it is evident that the standard of health for Indigenous Australians is well below

  • Australian Health Care Services For Indigenous Australians

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    INTRODUCTION It has been observed that Indigenous Australians face deprivation to a range of services including primary health care, due to various factors such as cultural barrier, environmental factors and racism. As a result, there was increase in the rate of obesity, overweight, chronic diseases and mortality rate. However, Australian governments have introduced programs that increase the availability of services to rural and remote areas but still Indigenous Australian’s health needs urgent consideration

  • Health Issues of Indigenous Australians

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    As health professionals, we must look beyond individual attributes of Indigenous Australians to gain a greater understanding and a possible explanation of why there are such high rates of ill health issues such as alcoholism, depression, abuse, shorter life expectancy and higher prevalence of diseases including diabetes, heart disease and obesity in our indigenous population. Looking at just the individual aspects and the biomedical health model, we don’t get the context of Aboriginal health. This