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  • Female Infanticide

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    these societies historically and culturally, both China and India are now facing a serious gender imbalance. Female infanticide and sex-selective abortion are responsible for this gender imbalance. The two atrocious practices have led to problems such as elevated rates in female kidnapping and slave trade, as well as forced marriages. This paper will focus on the roots of female infanticide and sex-selective abortions as well as the problems these

  • Infanticide Essay

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    In the Merriam Webster dictionary, infanticide is a term described as the act of killing an infant. Other sources describe it as the act of killing one’s own child, or killing of a child less than 12 months old. Female infanticide is more common than the killing of male offspring. More often than not, it is the mother who does the killing. Infanticide has been recorded as far back as the ancient world, where they would abandon the infant by leaving it die to die of hunger, thirst, animal attack

  • Infanticide: Cross Cultural Analysis of the Causes of Infanticide

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    Infanticide is not unique to humans. It is practiced by many mammals including some primates. The main difference between human and animal infanticide is that infanticide in humans is performed by the parent(s) of the child while in the case of animals it is usually a male suitor (Caldwell and Caldwell, 2005, p. 208). In pre-modern societies infanticide was done instead of abortions as it allowed for sexual selection, it was much more effective than pre-modern contraception, and it did not require

  • Research Paper On Female Infanticide

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    3) What is Female Infanticide/Gendercide? 4) Female Infanticide why does it happen? 5) Types of Female Infanticide 6) Origins of Female Infanticide 6) Female Infanticide around the World 7) Statistics

  • Female Infanticide Should Not Be Legal

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    Female infanticide is the killing of a female baby out of the womb. In the past they would strangle the infant girls after birth. It is not justifiable for mothers to have to make the decision to kill their kid. Female Infanticide should not be legal due to the fact that innocent children lose their lives, the family loses their child, the ratio of girls to boys is unequal - ethically it is not right! A “person” is a living entity with the inherent, internal capacity to develop reason and choice

  • Female Selective Abortion And Infanticide

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    and infanticide. This problem has taken roots in the two largest countries on earth population wise, India and China. Many solutions to the problem have been posed over the years and a few of them might work. India is one of the worst countries to live in as a woman. It is one of the strongest male dominated societies. They rely on the patriarchy to support their way of life and rural women internalize their roles from birth and fear having a daughter. There are many causes of infanticide in India

  • Female Infanticide and Foeticide Essay

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    Female Infanticide and Foeticide It is regrettable that female infanticide and foeticide are rapidly decreasing the female population throughout India. The main factors that is responsible for the increase in the incidence of female infanticide and foeticide is the low status of women, son preference, and the practice of dowry across all casts groups. The low status of women and girls is due to cultural beliefs and the material cost they represent to their families. Vanaja Dhruvarajan says

  • The Role Of Punishment Of Filicide In The Death Penalty

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    They also discussed the multiple definitions of filicide, Infanticide and Neonaticide. The discussion of motives to killing the children has popped up through every article about Filicide and how it is an unthinkable crime. Rates of who were killed and who they were killed by are inserted in this information along

  • An Indian Crisis

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    survive in an environment when given equal resources as a male child, the female survival rate is rapidly declining in India (Srinivasan 5). The reason for this mass gendercide lies in the bases of Indian culture, specifically the Hindu faith (Female Infanticide 46-47). Women are not expected, or often times allowed, to work in

  • Essay on Chinese Women and the Impact of the One-Child Policy

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    When one thinks of China it is common to conjure up images of rice fields and of the great wall, but also of crowded cities teeming with people and bicycles and cars. One rarely thinks of a nation populated mostly by men and boys, with a noticeable yet surreal absence of women. While this is a bit of an exaggeration, it has been noted over the past several decades that there is an alarmingly imbalanced sex-ratio. The policy has clearly contributed to the nation’s unnatural gender imbalance, as couples