Information security governance

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  • Governance Of Information Technology Security

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    Governance of Information Technology Security A.Introduction: [1] Security is an essential human idea that has ended up more hard to characterize and authorize in Information Age. The significance of information security drove social orders to create inventive methods for securing their information. Internet, has made it conceivable to send tremendous amounts of information over the globe easily. Nonetheless, the test of controlling and ensuring that information has developed exponentially now

  • Information Security And Effective Corporate Governance And Fraud Prevention

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    ABSTRACT Information is everywhere in business and good information management is considered to be important any organization. Organizations and individuals are highly affected by misuses of information that result from security failures. This report has been compiled after thorough research on information security and it focuses on technical side of this critical issue and the impact of personal behaviour in securing organizational systems. The fact remains that even with implementing good mandatory

  • Information Security Policies

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    facilities like information and communication technologies (ICT), are applied it will improve the public sector greatly and contributes to better services processes that can address citizens as well as government services. Also, information technology (IT) has become a real force in the process of transforming our social, economic and political life’s, there is little chance for nations or regions to progress without the incorporation of information technology. Furthermore, corporate governance deal with

  • Recommendation to Mitigate the Lac of InfoSec Policy

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    suggest that we use the Gartner Information Security Governance Model to assess the security problem of Inventure Foods, Inc. The Gartner Information Security Governance Model is most suitable for Inventure Foods type of business. It protects the information resources appropriately and efficiently given the company’s limited resources and overstretched personnel. The most important reason why we choose the Gartner Model is that it provides the blueprint for a complete security program and tells management

  • Information Security In Zanziabar Public Sector

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    The information security challenges faced in Zanzibar are persistent in transitional countries as could be seen in the case study “state of Information Security in Zanzibar’s public sector” (Shaaban, et al., 2012). Most of these challenges are partly attributed to lack of proper budgeting for ICT infrastructures, cultural gap awareness, political instability, trust, business continuity plan, and inadequate human resource management to effectively manage this technology (Dada, 2006). The application

  • The Role Of Auditing From An Information Security

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    Conceptualization of the role of auditing in Information Security Governance Frameworks. Abstract Auditing aims to provide a well-informed assurance over information security efforts. The present work tries to understand the role of auditing from an Information Security perspective by reviewing three Information Security Governance Frameworks. An initial view of auditing from various literature is first constructed to understand the expected purpose of Auditing. This initial understanding then guides

  • Exploring a Grounded Theory Study on Information Security Policy Compliance

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    comply with compulsory information security policies, and organizations are finding that the enforcement of information security policies among employees is a critical challenge (Herath & Rao, 2009). Organizations and researchers have traditionally focused on the use of technology to secure computer networks from security breaches (Herath & Rao, 2009; Rhee, Kim, & Ryu, 2009). Practitioners and researchers have recently realized that effective organizational information security can best be achieved

  • Cyber Defence And Information Assurance

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    PGCert Cyber Defence and Information Assurance Reflective Portfolio Module 01 : Governance and Management Kinshuk De   Introduction This portfolio is a reflective account of what I have learnt during the Governance and Management module and reflect on the three tasks posed, based on the case study of a system D.I.A.M.O.N.D (Driver Identification After Motoring Offence using Numerous Databases). We worked in groups and deliberated (Deliberations, 9 March 2015) what the D.I.A.M.O.N

  • Implementation Of The Information Security Management System

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    Standardization (ISO) 27002 defines information as an asset that may exist in many forms and has value to an organization. Information Technology (IT) security governance is the system by which an organization directs and controls IT security (adapted from ISO 38500). Successful implementation of the information security management system (ISMS) is governed by analyzing security requirements to protect organizational information assets and apply appropriate security controls to ensure their protection

  • Outsourcing Information Security Consultants

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    organizational, improvement, cost, and revenue advantages (Ghodeswar & Vaidyanathan, 2008). The assignment research objectives were (a) to gain insight into securing strategic partnerships in the information technology (IT) arena; (b) to understand the choices made to reduce information and security risks by exploring the different outsourcing techniques, and; (c) to understand how business process associated with outsourcing will stimulate awareness on how the process is interlinked with human