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  • Primary Insomnia And Secondary Insomnia

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    Primary insomnia Primary insomnia is estimated to affect 6% of the population (Roth S7-S10).In primary insomnia patients have difficulty to either fall asleep, stay asleep, or both. As a result, they may feel dissatisfied with their sleep and may not feel refreshed when they wake up. Consequently, insomnia will directly be detrimental to performance of daily task, such as the problems with learning, remembering, daytime fatigue, irritability, and negative feelings of wellbeing. Primary insomnia is a

  • CBT For Insomnia

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    How effective is CBT for Insomnia?     Sleep is a very important part of life that helps to keep us healthy, alert, and functioning well. Unfortunately, many people suffer from insomnia which is the inability to sleep. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is a common form of psychotherapy in which which faulty thoughts about the self and/or the world are challenged in order to alter unwanted behavior patterns which has shown to be effective in treating several disorders/conditions. CBT-I has shown to be

  • Cause and Effects of Insomnia

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    In 2011 after I came back from Afghanistan, I was diagnosed with mild insomnia. At first I didn’t understand what it was or why I was experiencing it. I have learned that my insomnia is due partially to pain. I have now been living with Insomnia for the past 2 years and still am learning more about it. Most people think that insomnia is just the inability to sleep. It actually has different levels that include having a hard time going to sleep, and staying asleep, and not feeling rested when you

  • Millions are Affected by Insomnia

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    Insomnia is one of the sleep-wake disorders and affects millions on a daily basis. Individuals affected by insomnia can have trouble falling asleep, staying asleep, and/or having non-restorative sleep. According to the American Psychiatric Association, insomnia symptoms are reported by one-third of all adults and 10-15% of those adults experience daytime impairments related to insomnia while 6-10% of them actually meet the criteria for insomnia disorder (2013, p. 364-365). The occurrence of insomnia

  • Taking A Look At Insomnia

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    mental illnesses, Insomnia is a mental illness that is, by comparison, more well received in contemporary society. Being featured in numerous types of popular culture, such as well-known songs, chronic sleeplessness is unique in its near ‘mainstream’ relevance (Lynsky, 2008). Insomnia is defined as chronic complaints of unsatisfactory sleep, despite having an adequate opportunity to sleep (American Psychiatric Association, 2013). According to the DSM, “The diagnosis of insomnia disorder is given

  • Analyzing the Causes of Insomnia

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    For many victims of insomnia, there are long nights of seemingly endless thoughts. Insomniacs are stuck continuously staring at the ceiling, thinking about whatever there is to think about, and checking the clock. For many others, this concept is extremely difficult to comprehend. Insomnia is generally a sleeping disorder where the individual has trouble falling asleep or staying asleep (WebMD). There are several treatment options for this disorder such as sleep hygiene, relaxation, cognitive behavioral

  • Symptoms And Symptoms Of Insomnia

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    Insomnia Sleep is considerably one of the most beneficial things there is for our health. It improves several functions of our body and affects our overall mood. However, not many people get the amount of sleep needed every night. Several factors can influence that, including disorders. According to a study done by Columbia University, 50 to 70 million Americans suffer from a sleeping disorder. About 30 percent of these people are struggling with insomnia (“What is Insomnia?”). Insomnia is

  • Symptoms And Treatment Of Insomnia

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    define insomnia, the patient takes longer than 30 minutes to fall asleep and has less than 6 ½ hours of total sleep (Edmunds & Mayhew, 2014). Insomnia is seen more commonly seen in women compared to men (McCance & Huether, 2014). Sleep disorders are a symptom usually of another problem; “thus a comprehensive review of the patient’s history and a thorough physical examination is required to rule out all possible causes of the sleep disturbance” (Edmunds & Mayhew, 2014, p. 541). Insomnia can be

  • Research Paper On Insomnia

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    Introduction Insomnia is a common sleep disorder which makes falling asleep very hard, or cause you to stay up or wake up, or make you unable to get back to sleep. In addition, insomnia can deplete your energy and reduce disturb your mood. Moreover, it can spoil your work performance, health, and quality of life. Also, you may still suffer feeling tired and ruin your temper. when you wake up. Strangely, technology, complications of modern life with its heavy worries, concerns, and burdens, and

  • Insomnia Research Paper

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    The subject I have chosen to write about is Insomnia. The reason I have chosen this is because I know some things about it, but I would like to know more. For the past few weeks I have been only sleeping for one to two hours before I have to be awake for the day. It has been driving me crazy that I cannot sleep. I am the type of person who loves to sleep. If I could be sleeping at any time I would be. I would like to understand why I have it and what is causing it. I have learned that my biological