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  • Metacarpi Reflection

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    The screenplay Metacarpi is the story of an institutionalized pianist and a lion aspiring friend whose pursuit of freedom explores ideas of whether we might be happier in an institution if it allows us to truly be ourselves. When coming up with the story for the script, I first created the character of Dmitriy and the story grew out of his character. A simple characterization of Dmitriy is a man struggling to free himself, whose aura of grandeur and potential for greatness is lost on his environment

  • Social And Emotional Mental Health

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    this artwork fabrication are to represent the ideological concepts that having depression is not a task which can be overcome as a single individual. Correspondingly, this creates a link between the sociological concepts of stigmatization and institutionalisation whilst encompassing mental health. Congruently, the visual representation is designed to capture the lived experience of individuals which have gone through the dark, chained and cloudy corrosion of their minds, labelled depression. More

  • The Strengths and Limitations of the Biological Model of Abnormality

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    model of abnormality. For example, there is the assumption resulting from the model that the mentally ill aren’t responsible fro their actions which may lead to a loss of rights, such as the right to consent to treatment or institutionalisation. The assumption that there is always a biological underlying cause for mental disorder may be incorrect and therefore lead to the wrong diagnosis or treatment being given. Heather (1976) suggests that the basis of defining abnormality

  • Dance Music and Moral Panic

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    ME5331ass2 Discuss one of the ideas of the following writers in relation to popular music culture: Stanley Cohen. You may use a case study approach in your answer. Scholars such as Rietveld suggest that; The British Culture has a long history in regulating pleasures associated with parties. A fear seems to exist of the unregulated body that dances and is intoxicated...It is therefore not surprising that the acid house parties; that heady mix of house ‘n’ E events in 1998, were followed by various

  • The Avant Garde, Modernism And The Fate Of A Continent

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    ee/wp-content/uploads/2013/04/4.-Weibel-and-Buddensieg-Belting-in-The-Global-Contemporary.pdf,%202015%20DE.pdf Placing Bookmarks: The Institutionalisation and De-Institutionalisation of Hungarian Neo-Avant-Garde and Contemporary Art, Maja and

  • Overview of Burns and Scapens' Framework for Analyzing Managerial Accounting Change

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    not compelling in its visual format - tells us nothing we could not have figured out in five minutes ourselves, but thankfully Scapens describes some of the elements that have been built into the model. The first element is routinisation and institutionalisation, where some institutionalised routines will over time become disassociated from the circumstances that gave rise to them. In this process, managerial accounting change might occur as the result of a specific set of circumstances, but once techniques

  • The Shame Of State Essay

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    psychiatry which lead to concerns of the institutionalisation of people suffering with mental illnesses. The growth and application of psychoanalysis to help rehabilitate people within the institutions, people's concern in regard to the implications of institutions and the lack of real benefits as well as the expansion of antipsychotic drugs and how they were used as a form of mental illness management all contributed to the change of perception towards institutionalisation (Fleming and Manvell, 1985). The

  • Strategy As Practice: The Concept Of Strategy-As Practice Approach

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    Strategy-as-practice (S-a-P) is an approach to strategy concerned about what strategic actors actually do and the kinds of activities they do when they strategize (Jarzabkowski, 2003; Johnson, Melin & Whittington, 2003; Whittington, 1996, 2002). Strategy is complex, to illustrate the complexity of the concept of strategy table 1.1 is offered with selected definitions of strategy (Louw & Venter, 2013:9). According to Ehlers and Lazenby (2010:3), “A strategy can therefore be defined as an effort or

  • Mental Illness In Mental Health

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    from feelings of being threatened, superiority, or when people have a negative view towards people of a different demographic (Kamaradova et al. 2016). This pervasiveness was the initiation of the institutionalisation for people with mental illness. However, overtime this practice of institutionalisation has been removed as society adopts a different, more knowledgeable approach to

  • Personalisation In Social Care

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    Historically and currently, a person in need of social care services is assessed by a social worker and other agencies. Then they decide the type of support the service user will receive, who from, where and when. For a couple of years now the government has been moving towards changing that system to one which the person in need of social care gets to decide the type of support they need and how, and this is now known as personalisation. Personalisation is a social care approach which was officially