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  • The Accounting Integration Platform Permits

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    The accounting integration platform permits users to integrate and standardize accounting from non–Oracle transactional systems to create accounting entries in any general ledger. If customers have high volumes of transactions from different industry applications, such as billing systems, the Oracle Fusion accounting hub will add plus-reference information on raw transaction information. Then, it applies rules to create detailed accounting entries to meet virtually any accounting requirement.

  • Notes On The Migration Of Uranium

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    lateritization process leads to the migration of uranium, but the produced laterites of either grey (Al) or brown (Fe) soils are good adsorbents for uranium and other heavy metals. The karstification process leads to the formation of caves which are filled by either allochtonous or autochtonous soils. These karst soils host uranium and rare earth elements (El Aassy et al., 2006). (2) Middle Marly Dolostone-Siltstone Member is also karstified and lateritized and consists of marl

  • Increase Customer Demand With Strong Integration Between Erp And Your Ecommerce Platform

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    Increase Customer Demand with Strong Integration Between ERP and Your eCommerce Platform Increase Customer Demand with Strong Integration Between ERP and Your eCommerce Platform Any B2B company -- whether operating a simple eCommerce store, client portal or combination of the two -- needs to captivate and compel its audience with personalized features, easy, mobile-optimized ordering and user-friendly architecture. In short, supplying a better customer experience is what 's required to land new

  • How Erp / Crm / Ecommerce Integrations Can Create A World Class B2b Platform

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    How ERP/CRM/eCommerce Integrations Can Create BI Integrating ERP and CRM systems with eCommerce operations is at the heart of creating a world-class B2B platform, and these integrations also generate some attractive side benefits such as the ability to gather business intelligence. Regardless of whether companies process that intelligence with self-service or specialized BI analytics software, the right ERP and CRM integrations are essential to the processes of mining data, connecting securely with

  • Essay On Odobo

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    Odobo game platform review Have you heard of Odobo gaming platform? Probably not, but we can assure you, these guys are really worth having a look at. Odobo gaming is a rather special case in the game manufacturing world. Unlike the giants like NetEnt or Microgaming, Odobo is more of a platform that provides the opportunity for the smaller or independent game developers to create, present and promote their games. The game makers that work with Odobo are Touchstone Games, Rabcat, Applejack Gaming

  • How Business With The Right E Commerce Platform Essay

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    How to Start Small Business with the Right E-commerce Platform You have all what it takes to start a business, from creativity, hard work to determination and what not. Yet, you feel helpless because you don’t have one most important thing, MONEY! Now what? Gone are the days when you have to take a large amount of loan from a bank to start your business. Thanks to the technology that makes it way too easy to earn money online. Whether you are a home maker with a desire to show your creativity to

  • Mobile Application Development Frameworks And Tools

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    cross platform. 1. Introduction With

  • Pros And Cons Of Shopify Plus

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    Magento is the leading ecommerce platform today with a market share of around 30%. Magento’s success could be attributed to certain factors but many would claim that this is because Magento is an open source platform, allowing its customers to fully developed a website from scratch and implement virtually unlimited customizations without the hassle of approval process from the platform’s provider. Unfortunately, for Shopify Plus,

  • Piper Alpha Disaster

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    The accident, which occurred on board of the seaward platform Piper Alpha in July 1988, took lives of 167 people and cost billions of dollars damage of property. The Piper Alpha is placed in the North Sea, around 193 km northeast of Aberdeen. The field was discovered in January 1973 and the same year construction of platform took place. The depth of it was up to 140 m, and at the time the development and installation of the Piper Alpha platform give tongue to a major step in both the development of

  • Should the business move to the cloud

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    infrastructure from both a technology and a service perspective. Technical views – It is defined as shared technology resources which provide the platform for the company’s’ specific information system applications. It consists of a set of physical devices and software application that required operating the entire enterprise. Computing platform used to provide services that connect employees, customers, and suppliers into a coherent digital environment, including large mainframes, midranges